Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meet the Bassets

So today Amy was at her overnight Beth Moore retreat and so I was on my own until about 7pm. I decided to try to be productive, so I got out of bed when I woke around 8:45 and headed downstairs to check in on the Saturday morning China adoption chat.

Being it's a week before July 4th I decided to go give blood. I have type O positive, which is a type they like to have donated. I have still not been able to donate since returning to Atlanta. I donated over 2 gallons in Orlando, but here they had records issues for about 4 years. In the past 3 it's been issues like iron level too low, heart rate too high, and today it was the iron thing again. I've been taking a multi-vitamin, but that is not enough it would appear.

So after leaving the blood bank I headed back towars home stopping at PetCo because the folks from Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia were there. When I got there, they had about 15 hounds there, bi-colors, tri-colors, and even a solid brown one. They were nice people and they verified our application to adopt and said we wil be approved after clearing one thing, getting Samson and Delilah updated on their shots. They call your vet to verify you take care of your animals.

If you go to you can see the site for the group and you can see some of the hounds currently needing homes. The one we are most interested in is a female named Zayna. She gets along very well with cats and she looks a lot like our dear Lucy (who would have been 3 years old yesterday).

So after meeting, playing with, and being drooled on by some of the dogs, I went over to Winston's for a little free poker. I came home to feed the cats and wait for Amy to return and she told me she had a wonderful time. We went to dinner and are relaxing watching Last Comic Standing and checking the updates to find out that the Phillies finally won a game again!

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Bubba's Sis said...

Oh, I hope you can adopt Zayna! That would be so awesome!

And of course Amy had a wonderful time at her retreat - BETH MOORE was speaking! I've been fortunate enough to hear Beth live on several occasions and I am always moved. She's great!