Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome to college

UConn scored its first points on Larry Taylor's controversial 74-yard punt return. With the Huskies down 7-0 and 13 minutes left in the third quarter, Taylor settled under a 45-yard punt and appeared to call for a fair catch at the Connecticut 26. Replays showed Taylor putting up his right hand, and Louisville players stopped their pursuit as soon as he caught the ball. But Taylor sprinted left, then down the sideline and the referees didn't stop the play.

Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe called a timeout before the extra point in an effort to get the officials to take another look, but after a consultation, they said a fair-catch signal isn't reviewable.

The official definition of a fair-catch signal in the rule book calls for a player to raise his hand above his head and wave it back and forth more than once, something Taylor didn't do.

``That wasn't no fair catch, that was a fair play out there,'' Taylor said. ``The referee didn't call anything, he said it was a fair play. I felt I didn't fair catch it anyway.''

I imagine if I felt REALLY bored I could find out what major and GPA this Taylor guy has, but it really is not worth the effort, My guess is his major is dredlock-growing.

So if you want, begin the debate over colleges using sports programs to bring money to the school, allowing individuals with no business on a campus of higher learning to "earn" a degree.


Anonymous said...

There was no whistle.

It isn't the kids fault.

The official missed the call.

He heard no whistle. And he continued to play.

Good for him.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

On bahalf of Mandy (whose comment I originally rejected)...

Mandy has left a new comment on your post "Welcome to college":

Let he who is perfect cast the first stone - right Michael?

My gosh. You are so incredibly judgmental of everything and everybody.

What in the world does a student's GPA and major have to do with signaling for a fair catch or being part of a controversial play?

You really, really need to get over yourself. I suppose if I was REALLY bored I could dig around to see what your major and GPA was in school and then compare that to what you are doing now.

Might be interesting.

And what individuals have "no business on a campus of higher learning" as you say? Let's hear how you break that one down.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. No amount of flashback video postings will hide your true self.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Mandy said...

"What in the world does a student's GPA and major have to do with signaling for a fair catch or being part of a controversial play?"

The answer is nothing. More importantly, I did not say that his major or GPA had anything to do with his involvement in this play. I was drawing a connection between the fact he has no mastery of the English language, which is an important need for pursuing a college degree in the United States. I am not saying you cannot earn a degree or otherwise succeed in such an academic institution without a mastery of English, as many international students do each year.

Mandy also said, "My gosh. You are so incredibly judgmental of everything and everybody."

To which I must ask this question. Mandy, did you ever miss a question on a test? If so, did you criticize your teacher for pointing out your mistake calling him/her judgemental? Or is it simply you need to single me out whenever I say something that you feel does not build up another individual or otherwise make a positive impact in the world?

You made another comment about the Friday Flashback postings I make, which I do more for my own enjoyment then for positive strokes from those who enjoy watching them. In all honesty, anyone who wants to can go to Youtbue and look up these videos themselves.

You lash out at me for being critical and judgemental, so pot, this is kettle calling. You lurk for 3-4 weeks at a time waiting for me to say something you feel is worth your commentary, yet you never say a word about the nice or uplifting things I write about.

You had nothing to say about the favor I did my neighbor, when you could have said "Nice job Michael, you did something good for someone else." or when we posted pictures and talked about sharing time with our neighbors, nothing positive about that day either. Was that because all of the people in the pictures were Caucasian? In oast comments and posts on your blog you addressed my representing myself as a Christian, yet you had no comment on my analogy on Christ and photo porcessing.

You are contemptable. Your words serve no purpose other to antagonize. You know that your comments will almost always be rejected, yet you continue to submit them, yet you point a finger at me as an antagonist and narcissist?

Please go find someone else to annoy.