Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us, me and Amy.

On this day, six years ago, we became one.

We married late in the afternoon of Saturday, October 6, 2001, the day after Barry Bonds hit his 72nd home run of a single season, three and a half weeks after terrorists attacked the United States, fourteen months after we had started dating, and 26/30 years after we respectively entered this world.

We had a lot of things in common, which a lot of people say, but how about these...

We share the same birthday (four years apart).

Our mothers have the same maiden name (Cox).

We were both working in the medical field when we met (Amy's a nurse and I was in pharmaceuticals, plus her father is a hospital adminsitrater).

Her brother attended Temple University in Philadelphia which is where my father and one of his brothers went to college.

some other things....

We are both part of three sibling families.

I introduced Amy to Jimmy Buffett music and she is now a fan as well.

We love to travel, since marrying we have been to Florida and on cruises several times. We have been to Jackson, TN (her college town) twice, to Chattanooga, TN, Nashville, TN and Williamsburg, VA twice (our honeymoon and our 5th anniversary last year).

We both enjoy going to zoos and have visited the zoos in Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, and the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

I introduced Amy to musical theatre and we have together seen Cats, Rent, Les Miserables, and Wicked.


Suprina said...


You do have a lot in common and that is AWESOME!!!!

Eric and I love Zoos as well...if you guys ever get the chance you need to go to The Oklahoma City Zoo (I know your thinking Oklahoma??? But it is a AWESOME Zoo and while there you need to go next door to the Omniplex.) And you also need to go to the San Diego Zoo...well it is too awesome for words....

The oklahoma City Zoo is 80 times better than the Nashville Zoo. ERic and I were not impressed with the Nashville Zoo...unfortunatley that is our 'local' zoo of choice...

amy said...

Michael and I went to the Nashville Zoo a few years ago and we were not impressed at all..Memphis on the other hand was pretty darn cool and


jenn said...

Happy anniversary!
The same birthday? That's pretty cool!

Sallie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wouldn't it be so great if you baby girls adoption came through on your birthdays too?! That would be an awesome gift from God to tell her just how special she is and created to be just with ya'll!

God bless,

retrodaddy said...

Happy anniversary.

I have many fond memories of your wedding weekend. Some actually involve not holding a drink in my hand.