Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Speaking of French Toast

If you look at the next post down, you'll find a question regarding French Toast. I was thinking about it last night (the food, not just the question) and I decided I wanted to have some. So, on the way home from trivia, I stopped at the store to get some eggs and maple syrup. I knew we had adequate bread, but I suspected Amy had thrown out the syrup in the pantry because we use it so seldom and it was probably pretty old.

So I set the alarm this morning for 7:30, knowing that Amy would be home from work shortly after 7:30, and I set about making French Toast. I haven't made it in years, but honestly it is not hard at all, so I had it waiting when Amy got home and we enjoyed breakfast together before she went upstairs to take her nap.

While Amy slept I watched some recorded TV, last night's Chuck and Heroes, and the end of last week's Las Vegas. I knew Amy wanted to get up around 12:30-1, so I set about making us lunch. It really felt like a day for soup. It was in the mid-30's when we woke up this morning. I noticed some frost on the lawn and on the neighbor's house. So I made some soup for us and some grilled cheese sandwiches. Amy had no idea, so when she got downstairs I had lunch all laid out and we have now settled in for the afternoon watching Scream 3 (Halloween is tomorrow as you know).

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

That is so sweet and thoughtful to cook those wonderful meals for Amy :)