Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Trivia

Hello folks!

Amy had a rare Monday night off, in part due to a special schedule that allows her to have Friday-Sunday off to celebrate our wedding anniversary which is this coming Saturday.

We decided to join our new friends from church for trivia at Johnny's New York Pizza in Kennesaw. We had a group of eight including Amy and me, Ben and Erica (who was up past her bedtime), Matt and Emily and thier kids Mia and Jake. We did pretty well in a field of about 20 teams. We came in 2nd place overall and won $25 in house cash and we had a good time.

The only odd part of the night was driving home because there was a massive police action happening at the major intersection by the restaurant with the Cobb County Police, City of Kennesaw Police, and the Kennesaw State University Police all involved. I think we saw at least a dozen units involved in a roadblock and rapidly moving too and from the intersection with lights blazing.

As for questions....

The one that only one team got, was this, "What pitcher played for 12 different major league teams during his career between 1978 and 2002?" We had no idea. The answer is Mike Morgan. Drafted by the A's, he played for Oakland, NYY, the Bluejays, Mariners, Orioles, Dodgers, Cubs, Cardinals, Reds, Twins, Cubs again, Rangers and Diamondbacks. Career record 141-186 with almost 2800 innings pitched and a career ERA of 4.12, yet I have NEVER heard of the guy.

Our final bonus was to put these TV shows in order from first to last of their debut. Angel, 7th Heaven, Touched by an Angel, and Wings.

Also we had....

Has any NFL team played in the Superbowl in their home stadium?

What 1980's detective show had the air-headed office assistant Miss Dipesto?
Not a part of the question, but who played her love interest, detectives-assistant Mr. Viola?

In 1830 Belgium declared their independence from what country?

What is the Danish name for John?

Of Wheel of Fortune, The Newlywed Game, Greed, and Scrabble, which show did Chuck Woolery never host?

In Jerry Maguire, what office pet did he take with him when he quit his job?

What professional sports league had a player strike in 1981?

What 2004 Gwen Stefani song was the first to record 1 million song downloads?

Have fun with these, and thanks to our new small group for allowing us to come and contribute to the win.

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Sallie said...

ohm, yeah, I have no clue...ROFL...