Saturday, October 27, 2007

Prayers for Comfort

This week we have two friends who lost loved ones.

My friend Chris McClure lost his mother on Wednesday. Debra was 49 years old and had been struggling with poor health for as long as I've known Chris (we met at Chick-fil-a as co-workers in 2004). The funeral was this morning and fortunately my old boss from Chick-fil-a called me yesterday to tell me about the death. This morning I found the obituary online and realized I had time to make it to the other side of Atlanta and attend the service. Chris was genuinely surprised and seemed very grateful that I made the effort to attend. Sadly and coincidentally it was at the same funeral home that my brother's friend Hal's wife's funeral was back in 2004.

The other death to report was of my sister-in-law's grandfather. This is my brother's wife's mother's father. They knew that this death was imminent as well as he had recently had numerous cancers diagnosed and his prognosis had been reduced from Christmas to Thanksgiving, to any day .

So please lift up the McClure/Wright family and the Bradshaw family. Tim (my brother), Mery and Basil are traveling to Charleston today for the service tomorrow. They'll be making the return trip on Tuesday, so please pray for them as they travel (with a 2-year-old) and comfort for the loss.

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