Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Enough Already NBC

Ever have an opportunity to purchase something (a good or a service) and decide that you will NEVER buy it because the manufacturer/provider has committed SEVERE advertising overkill?

Have you turned on a TV to NBC in the past two weeks? We watch a few of their prime time shows, ER, Chuck, Las Vegas, Heroes. Do you remember Seinfeld? I never got into Seinfeld. The characters pretty-much annoyed me, so I have seen a few episodes here and there. It seemed like people watched it because they would not be cool if they didn't.

So, Jerry Seinfeld brought in a lot of money for NBC in ad revenue for his show. The show is over and he needs a push for his current project, a cartoon movie called Bee Movie.

Every other commercial break they are trying to plug the movie with longer-than-normal commercials, and they have graphic pop-ups all during their shows.

It is overkill. If I had any interest in the Bee Movie it is now gone (I never really did). Does anyone agree?

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