Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our the Middle of the Street

So yesterday we went to Ellijay, GA for the Georgia Apple Festival. Ellijay is in the mountains, kinda Northwest of Atlanta and straight up I-575 from our house. It's a lot of the same vendors every year, but it's nice to see what they have made, to go up into the mountains, and to enjoy the Fall Festival food. Amy will be posting some pictures on her blog and/or the family blog shortly and you'll see the funnel cakes and roasted corn that were both yummy.
While we were up there we bought a yard sign that we had personalized and you can see it below along with other pictures of the house decorated. As you'll see in the first one, we have some color coming onto the trees in the back. Also we got some hay bales at Lowe's, some pumpkins from the church pumpkin patches, and our scarecrows that we have accumulated over the years.
Amy in front of the house with Lucy.

Our next-door neighbors the Reason's, Holly and Dave with baby Reagan and Griffin.

Our Fall Decorations.

Our decorations with Lloyd (the baby) and Cheney (the dog)

who live across from us in the cul-de-sac.

Our personalized sign.
While we were outside we saw the Reason's coming home from walking the dog and the baby and other neighbors and neighborhood kids came around so we had a very nice time talking with everyone and a bunch of the kids took pictures with our decorations, so our house was a hit!


jenn said...

Your yard looks so festive. I love the sign!

FRIGGA said...

How nice, it actually looks like fall. I really like your decorations :-)

Bubba's Sis said...

Your house is beautiful! Love the fall decorations!