Thursday, October 18, 2007


It only took 7 games, but the Atlanta Thrashers have their first victory of the year!

It comes, one day after the coach was fired.

It comes, ten games since their last win (last year).

It comes, against the team they last saw last year in the playoffs, having been swept in three straight games.

Lehtohnen is out for a long time with a groin injury at goal, but Johan Hedburg (with the very cool helmet/mask is doing well.


Sparky Duck said...

now why did they Fire Hartley? He lead the team to there best record ever

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Because he lead them to ten straight loses, including...

Their last home game last year (regular season).

Three straight losses for a sweep in the first round of the playoffs in their first ever appearance in the playoffs.

their first SIX games of this new season, making them the ONLY team without a victory at that point.

Though I read some players tried to argue it was not the coach's fault.

The more important question is WHO are they going to find to replace Hartley?