Monday, October 15, 2007

Here we GROW again!

Last night I called my brother to let him know about the new pictures of our house on the blog, figuring that nephew Basil would like them. We talked for a bit and I heard Basil say something about pumpkins and scarecrows. Basil is almost 27 months old and talks up a storm now.

So we had a nice casual talk with Tim, and when I had to go to the restroom, he continued talking to Amy and the next thing I know I overhear them talking about the fact I am going to be an UNCLE FIVE TIMES OVER this May.

It's way too early to know if it's a baby brother or sister for Basil, but I expect they'll know ahead of time. Tim and Mery cheat that way!

It was good news and it inspired an exciting dream last night in which I was becoming a daddy to a beautiful dark-haired baby girl (not LynnMarie, but a natural daughter!).


amy said...

I find this quite interesting since the chance of having biological baby girls is slim. How cool would that be!!!!

FRIGGA said...

Nieces and nephews are great - congratulations! :P