Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sometimes Lucky

So I guess it was Wednesday, yeah, Wednesday and I was at work. Carlos, on of the managers came in and asked me if I knew of anyone missing a wedding ring. I told told him "Yes, I am."

Allow me to explain. It is almost mid-January, and I have not seen my wedding band since mid-November. My assumption was that I lost it somewhere in the house, most likely in the bathroom because that is the only place I take it off, when applying gel to my hair. I then wash the gel off my hands and put my ring back on. I also considered I might have taken it off while cleaning the bedroom, but I could not find it in either place.

I had told Amy about it and asked if she had seen it, anad she had not. At this time (January) I was considering buying a replacement.

So Carlos starts digging into his pocket and eventually pulls out a gold wedding band. He hands it to me and I check the inside for the inscription, MJC & ASP 10-6-01. The ring is mine.

Part of my responsibility running the photo lab is also managing the grocery department anad cooler. It would appear that one day in November, I was stocking beverages in the cooler (they go on angled shelves so gravity forces them forward towards the guest from inside the cooler) and I must have caught it on something and didn't notice it had come off. So, for the past 7-8 weeks it has sat there, basically on a shelf in a drink cooler where anyone could have found it. Fortunately for me, Carlos did, and I have my ring back.


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Wow - very lucky!! I don't know what I'll ever do if I get married - I hate wearing rings. I'm always taking them off...

Happy Monday!! :-)