Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, the snow came. It was pretty as it fell, starting around 9:30 this morning. By the time I left work, just after 4, the snowfall was pretty much over, and the accumulation was next to nothing. If you were in other parts of Atlanta or Georgia you might have seen more. Nothing really stuck to the ground around our house.

When I got home the temperature was about 34 with a "feels like" of 23. It is supposed to be getting colder, with lows in the morning in the teens, so ice on the roads will be the major factor.

Sometime tomorrow (if the roads are good) we have to take my Jeep back to the other side of town becasue the AC went out about 2 months after $2400 worth of repairs. Of course, with temps in the teens, the AC is not a needed factor, but since that visit, the rear defroster has not worked and the speedometer works on selected days with varying levels of accuracy.

So no new snow pictures, but if you like the music from the 1980's, try out this link and if you favor contemporary Christian music and/or American Idol, Amy directed me to the blog of Chris Sligh from last year's American Idol. Chris was the guy who went out at #10. He kinda looked like Jack Osbourne, Ozzy's son. He was the one with the great sense of humor who went head to head with Simon a few times.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - Chris Sligh is a great guy, but correct your link - it's frommymindtoyourEYES (not ears)

Jeff said...

I do not believe that in nine years of living in Atlanta, I never got snow (the ice storm of 2000 doesn't count), and less than a year after moving away y'all get it twice in a week. Grrrrr.

How disappointing was it that it snowed SOUTH of Memphis today? What the heck?