Monday, January 07, 2008

Randomness Part 3

Today is January 7, 2008, and it has been over 10 years since the Spice Girls released the Spice World movie.

There is a young lady missing and presumed dead here in Georgia. She went hiking with her dog a week ago and was last seen with a 60-something man who is now in police custody for her kidnapping with bodily harm. Her dog was found (identified through an implanted microchip) about 40 miles from where she was hiking. The man in custody had a number of blood-soaked shirts in his car that may match what the woman was wearing. They found the self-defense baton she carried in the woods along with her wallet and some other posessions. How horrible must it be to be a friend or family member knowing you will likely never see her alive again, and that the person responsible will not tell anyone what he has done with her or where she is?

We're rolling on into the political season, and I really don't care what happens. We'll get someone in charge that half the people in the country will hate, and all of us will have to just continue to try to make the best of things. Over at blog-friend Sparky Duck's site ( there is a bit of a conversation between his wife and him.

It's supposed to hit about 71 degrees here in Georgia today. Global warming? I remember having snow sometimes when I lived here in the 1980's.Publish Post

Speaking of the 1980's - go see the new blog I am running....

I got up and went to work today only to discover that i was not due to work until 3pm, so I came home, cooked breakfast for the Mrs. and me and took a two hour nap. Now I have to get ready to go back. I have another closing shift tomorrow and then two opening shifts Wednesday and Thursday, so at least I'll be able to play trivia Wednesday night.

Last week we won trivia (1st place paid $40 house cash). We were competing against 12 or 13 other teams including one lead by my older brother, and we beat him! We took the lead over him by correctly answering who the first NBA coach to reach 1000 wins was (Charlie guessed Lenny Wilkins for us) and we expanded the lead when we both missed the question as to what year Tiger Woods won his first Master's Tournament (1997) because we bet 2 points and missed but Peter bet 6 and missed. We sealed the deal on the final bonus question on the Oscars. For what movie did Julia Roberts receive her FIRST Oscar nomination. It was a supporting actress nomination for her role in Steel Magnolias.


FRIGGA said...

That's very sad about the women - everytime time I check my mail they show me her picture.

Sparky occasionally gets me all riled up - today he succeeded :-\

Yay for having a leisurely morning, sorry you first went into work though.

And WhooHoooo! for winning at trivia :D

Happy Monday :-)

Bubba's Sis said...

We nearly hit 80 today. Crazy weather.

ley said...

I hear ya about the weather. I'm in Chattanooga and it's been in the 60s here. Bah. It just doesn't feel like WINTER. I want snow!