Thursday, January 24, 2008

American Idol - Commentary 4 - Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

We've met a guy with a wife in labor, and a kid from Atlanta who is big on his afro, sounds gay, and loves Clay Aiken. BTW he thinks he's different from Clay, could it be that he's black and has a 'fro? He says he's himself, not a mimick. They call him over-the-top and 1970's cruise-ship theatrical.

A new girl from Albamarle, NC, her name is Deanna Prevatte and she's a waitress. They talk about bad customers and then she starts screaming something called "Fancy" and Simon gets on her about her name pronounciation and attitude, but he likes her passion. All three judges say no.

Crystal Ortiz and Randy Stark. They met on the AI message boards. He's from TX and she's from one of the Carolinas. He looks like a redo of Bucky Covington, and we have to watch them make out in the video package, and they come in to audition together. The guy starts singing and she pitches in. Simon calls it torture, but the good news is they found each other. Krystal wants to know if her family is blind, Simon says "deaf."

Michelle and Jeffrey Lanpkin, two fat, loud, black people, brother and sister. He has a necktie wrapped around his head for some reason. The judges seem a bit amused. The couple are not as over-the-top as the promos made them out to be. They sing "I am Your Angel" as a duet, and it wokrs, I'm just confused what the funk noise thing they had going on in the promo was about. Simon likes them both and says Jeffrey is better. Paula says Jeffrey has a gift. Randy says yes jeffrey and no to Michelle, Paula is yes/yes, and SImon agrees, so they are both in.

Video package back to the guy driving his pregnant wife to the hospital and he is lost in an unfamiliar town.

We get a vignette of people who can't sing, trying to sing Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." Big white guy, put your shirt back on. What a waste of time.

Amy Catherine Flynn. She's the captain of the dance team at a Catholic HS where she's a Junior and she is an advocate for no sex, drugs, or alcohol (yet she wants to be a pop star, not that ALL pop stars do that). She gives a abstinence speeach to Simon with lots of "like" in it. She does seem sweet. She wants to sing "Reflections" by Christina Aguilera. Starts off good, let's see about the high parts. So far she should be in. She lacks strength at the end, so it could go either way. Paula likes the purity and innocence of the voice. Simon says the song is too big for her, but Amy counters him. Simon says people will find her annoying, but they all put her through. As she leaves they tell her to give Ryan her speech. Simon says, one week in LA and it will all change for Amy and her standards.

Pregnant dad has found the hospital and wife has a room.

Final audition for day one is a girl who's had a rough 3 years, London Wiberg. She grew up on the beach in Charleston and she's there with her mom and fiance. Her dad died from cancer last year. She says she is a full-time musician and will sing "Good Morning Heartache" by Billie Holiday. It's a different style. Randy likes her tone, but not the best audition. Paula is a parrot to Randy's comments. Simon says it was a good audition, but nothing unique. He says there are thousands of good-looking girls with a decent voice. Randy and Paula vote yes and she is through.

Ryan says 15 people passed through on day one and coming up we'll have a female Air Force pilot who flies C-17's.

That is a C-17 Globemaster. Pretty cool!

Day 2, beings with Lyndsey Goodman, the pilot. Her dad was a USAF pilot in Vietnam. She flies this transport plane to Iraq and Afghanistan, troops, helicopters, supplies, she hauls it all. Simon says he would never have guessed that's her job. She replies he'd be surprised by the number of female pilots in the area that could rival beauty pageant queens. She sings Alanah Miles "Black Velvet." I like it, Randy likes it. Paula thinks Lyndsey is nervous. Simon says she would be good in cabaret, but not pop. Simon and Randy shoot her down.

Dirty Dancing was filmed in the Carolinas. Last night, while at trivia, Amy and I saw the next girl on the screen but we had no audio. I could only think of Baby's line in Dirty Dancing, "I carried a watermelon." This contestant is carrying two.
Aretha is from Buffalo, NY but her family is from Jamaica. She says her mother named her Aretha because she wanted her daughter to sing like Aretha Franklin (that will do it, I'm sure). She says she is as good as any Idol winner. She will sing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing." She lost control towards the end. Simon gets on her style first and then her voice and Aretha says she has a beautiful voice that is amazing and her family likes it and she stops crowds with her voice. Oh yeah, in addition to the "funny blue dress, and big belt" that Simon mentioned, she has a piercing through her chin. After being told 3 no's she is still saying she should go through. After leaving, she says "they have bad opinions on music and she has a wonderful voice." Simon finally mentions her gargantuan breasts.

Jodhua Goson comes in to scream some type of song, oh, it's the Jennifer Hudson song from Dreamgirls. Tran wreck. Speaking of, we saw on the news last night that a train hit a truck with a car carrier. So Joshua tells them he has had no training or experience, and for them not to come to South Carolina because he is what they will get. As he continues his tirade he says the show is "fake and rigged." Simon said he has a "great attitude" and asks"what did you say?" Joshua walks out while Paula is still talking to him. After he walks out he says American Idol sucks and the judges sucks and he says that they said on the news that South Carolina has no talent and he is not looking to be the next American Idol, but the next WORLD IDOL, and something more about artist-es.

Five minutes after the next commercial.

Tara Smith, horrible.

Lots more no votes and a girl tearing up a piece of paper.

Randy has called people Disney characters and chipmonks. :)

Oliver (the dad) and his wife are back on day 2 and they brought the baby, Emma Grace. He's 27 and a new dad.He'll sing "Get Here" which I don't think I have heard of. He has a soulful voice that really does not match his body or look. Imagine Justin Timberlake as an accountant. Simon calls it over the top, and Randy criticizes hte vibratto. Paula likes his voice, but not in the audition. It's three no votes, but he offeres to show them the baby. Randy says, "Emma Grace, rock on!"


Starrlight said...

I thought the same thing about Oliver. Total disconnect between the boy band voice and the Dilbert look.

FRIGGA said...

Rockin' With Frigga is back!!

Bubba's Sis said...

I was agog at Aretha's huge boobs, too. That big belt is probably supporting her back from carrying those things around!