Friday, January 11, 2008

Doctor Day

A morning of doctor appointments. I had a recheck/follow-up with the eye doctor. The corneal ulcer is a lot better. No more follow-ups, just stay on the antibiotic drops for another week and then I can wear my contacts again, WITH the stipulation that I stop wearing a single two-week disposable pair for month, yes MONTHS at a time INCLUDING overnight. In other words, take care of my eyes.

I had time to stop at home between appointments and I was greeted by Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a neighborhood cat who reminds me a great deal of my favorite childhood pet, George. They are both long-haired orange/yellow cats with slight tabby markings and VERY affectionate personalities.

My second appointment was with the internalist. It was a good visit. Weigtht is stable (I think) and I have a starting point for the year of weight loss planned. That weight is 268. The goal is going to be 218 for now, so a pound a week... I got new perscriptions and had blood work drawn and I made it home by lunchtime with Amy. Grilled cheese sandwiches and canned chili while watching last night's Grey's Anatomy.

I'll probably nap when Amy naps today because she has to work and last night I got too little sleep in part due to a low blood sugar episode that woke me for an hour and a half. Then I will cook spaghetti for dinner and Amy will go to work

Oooh, there's a preview for LOST returning to ABC in three weeks!

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FRIGGA said...

Oooh, I love grilled cheese sandwiches!!! :-0...