Sunday, January 27, 2008

An excellent Sunday

Okay, I may wind up sounding like some form of redneck or something similar, but here's a recap of what I considered an excellent Sunday.

Woke up with the alarm at 8 and got out of bed with the snooze at 8:09. I got in the shower but did not immediately get dressed, which stressed out my lovely bride because she hates to be late for anything, especially church.

I made up for it by getting us there on time, though it was a process that included doing 90mph on I-575, which we only use for 2 exits totalling a distance of 3 miles. :) We got there on time and made our way upstairs to discover they are no longer simulcasting the service in the coffee shop, so we went to the "theatre" to watch it on the big screen. It wound up being a service about the short-term mission opportunities in the coming year, including Louisiana, Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania, England, Hungary, Poland, and China.

After church we called my father who had just made it back to Florida from a cruise he had been on the past week. We learned they found our head maitre'de from the same cruise line a few years ago, when he was on an older ship. We also learned they played trivia again on the boat and correctly answered that the country with the most bald eagles is Canada, and the most common bird in the world is the chicken. We hit the McDonald's drive-thru (where once again I did not get my BBQ sauce) and I took Amy home to go to bed.

I stayed downstairs and read the paper and let Lucy out until it was time to go to Winston's for poker. The game began at 2pm, and at 5:58pm I became the tournament winner! I won $25 in gift certificates to the bar and an entry in a cash prize tournament for winners of the weekly tournaments.

From there I went to Hooters to get us take-out for dinner, which we just finished while watching Titanic on TNT. Now for the final event of the evening, watching the Royal Rumble Pay-per-view from the WWE.

Church, McDonald's, Poker, Hooters, Wrestling.

My Sunday in 5 words or less! :)


redmaryjanes said...

I was with you until the WWE. Too funny. Tell Amy hello for me!

FRIGGA said...

It cracks me up that your Sunday in 5 words includes both "church" and "hooters" - oh boy, to each his own ;-)

Happy Monday "-)

Faerie Mom said...

Church and hooters in one post! My kind of blog! LOL... actually sounds like our Sundays in some respects.

speeder sinner said...