Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Nephew!

The Christopher Legacy for fathering boys continues....

We received a call from my younger brother Tim this asfternoon that he and wife Mery are having a second son, baby brother to Basil. So congrats to them!

From my grandfather, Henry S. Christopher, Jr.........

He fathered 3 boys and a girl. (75% boys)

His sons have fathered 5 boys and a girl (83% boys)

Their sons have fathered 3 boys and 3 girls (50%) but I have to mention that the girls were fathered by my cousins, not my brothers.

So here is the math.... 16 kids, 11 boys, 5 girls, so we're running 68.75% at fathering sons.

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FRIGGA said...

WhooHooo! Congradulations!! And now I know why my family has ssooo many girls - someone has to balance out all that testosterone your family has let loose on the world!! ;-0