Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol Commentary 3 - San Diego

So for the first time ever, AI is holding auditions in San Diego, CA.

Our first audition is Tatiana Ostopowych, sounds like a bit of an accent. She sings "Someone to Watch Over Me." For me there's something unusual. Simon says she's good but not great, and not as good as she thinks. She says she'll show Simon he's wrong, and all three say yes. Then Simon says, "obnoxious." Was he talking about himself?

Story time, Perry Cataldo, a single dad. His mom was killed 2 years ago due to her own choices, as the hubby said, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Dad seems like a nice guy. He'll sing "I'll Make Love to You" by Boys 2 Men. I think Simon will say it's "effected." Again, there's an accent thing getting in my way. Simon says really good voice. Randy, Paula, Simon all yes.

Preview of after the commercials will include the bad ones and some people bitching about the judges.

Michael Lee from LA, but originally an Australian, Otis Redding "Loving You Too Long." Weird thing being he's a young, singing, Aussie, and Heath Ledger died yesterday. Simon likes him, calls him a white soul singer, the others like him too and all three say yes, three straight unanimous votes.

Bring on the bad, Marat Hayrapetyan (gesundheit) way too low, Christopher Mitchell way too high, Tehilla Lauder sounds like she's in pain, perhaps she heard Christopher.

Valerie Reyes, Ryan interviews her and she says she laughs at the audition shows. She starts singing "Against All Odds" and Randy growls, she starts doing Mariah Carey style runs and squeals. Simon says "Oh My God" - the only resemblance to Mariah Carey would be one of her CDs left out in the sun for a year and then try to play it. ROTFLMAO. Paula compliments his analogy. Randy says she has good tone, but stop trying to be someone else. All three pass on Valerie. Spotlight in front of the sign "Oh my God, now I'm gonna be one of the rejects."

A mime and Pancho Villa, Joseph and Juanita Mejia. He sings, she mimes. Silliness. Ryan's narration points out the obvious. It is season 7 and people should realize a gimmick will very likely backfire.

Christopher Baker and Monique Gibson, a healthcare worker and a nurse. Simon says it looks like 3 different people dressed Monique, but she will sing "I Believe in Miracles" by Whitney Houston. This lady sucks. Now she's going to cry because she went so through so much getting here but she knows she can sing. She's the only one. Christopher sings "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney, not as bad as Monique, but the judges can NOT get him to stop singing. Simon says, "not a single note in tune" and he starts singing AGAIN, Why do people do this? He stops and says he will sing it in a lower tone, and he starts singing AGAIN. Simon says, "I think another song is coming, and he starts singing "You Are So Beautiful." Security escorts him out and he sings his feelings outside the audition room.

Samantha Moosa thinks Simon is really hot. She and her sister are both kinda obsessed with Simon. As Samantha enters, her sister throws a note folded as a paper airplane into the audition room, and she gets to come in and sit on Simon's lap. The song choice is Aretha Franklin. She sounds soulful, I think she'll get through, on a 2-1 vote. Randy says excellent and is impressed, Paula says naturally good, Sister Michelle says yes, IF she can come along and see more of Simon. It's 4 yeses. (is that a word? yeses)

Day two in San Diego.

Blake Boshnick, has auditioned in 10 cities since Season 3. His mom supports him and takes him to all auditions, because as Blake says, she is obsessed with Blake becoming the next American Idol. "Stand By Me" Two lines in Simon says "thank you" and he keeps singing. All three say no.

Credit for bad people, you got on TV at least Alexandria Ruiz, Sarah Long, one guy who "lacked the sparkle"

Now for Alberto Hurtado - the weird person they've been teasing on every in and out to commercials, he is playing with a doll, has 2 inch long finger nails and a giant Japanese fan. He says something about finding out the person he is inside his walls. Long hair, long sideburns, effeminate voice and an autobiographical original tune. Redundant question of the day, WHY DO THEY ALLOW THIS CRAP? Simon wants to hear the Happy ending of the song. It seems like Paula wants to encourage him. His mom and sister have the same hair, but not the sideburns thank God.

Props to the editing team because they added some footage of a bald eagle flying as a tribute to the jeweled eagle on Alberto's t-shirt.

Aaron Garrett, wants to be left alone, I think he'll get his wish.

David Archuletta, back story about having vocal paralysis a few years ago. John Mayer "Waiting on the World to Change" Randy gives him the echo/backup on the chorus. Paula seems to like him. Randy likes the voice for the age. Paula likes his tone, mature for his age. Simon agrees. I didn't feel it like they did, but then, I'm not a judge. Paula wants to squoosh David.

Teaser for a girl coming up who apparently got through two years ago but was disqualified before getting to the Hollywood eliminations. More to come on that.

Karly Stitson, 10 years here from Ireland and she and her husband own a tattoo parlor. She auditioned in Vegas in season 5, all yes votes. The next day she found out her visa did not come through, so she was disqualified. She's nervous, but will sing "I'm Every Woman." Simon says it was not as good as two years ago and it looks like her eyes are going to explode from her head, but they give her 3 yes votes.

30 others join Karly from San Diego. This was an hour-long episode, so we're good for the day. We have trivia tonight, but I might get the commentary in before bed, otherwise tomorrow afternoon.


FRIGGA said...

"For the first time ever" Um, I don't watch the show, but I know for a fact they've had auditions here for past seasons...

Or am I going absolutely nutso? In any case, Happy Wednesday :-)

Bubba's Sis said...

Another good recap!

Mike said...

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