Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Part 2

It's Coming!!!!

Well, it sounds like a horror film from the way the news is reporting it. It's currently 7:30 am on Saturday morning here. In the next few hours it will start to rain.

That rain will turn to snow this afternoon, reportedly with accumulations between 2 and 4 inches here in Atlanta.

THEN it will get colder, so anything wet, especially on the roads, is going to freeze. Get ready for a Wacky Weekend!

Pictures to come.


mommy24treasures said...

I am in the south and our stores were crazy last night. Right now we have a light dusting I do hope we get a little for the kids, we will see...
Love your blog design Verna is so great!
Amy sent me over.
Happy Snow day !

The Blog Fairy said...

hey, we're below zero here in MN but no new snow in sight. you all don't see much snow down there so it IS kind of like a horror story. We just use the 4x4 to get to the local Cub and MNDOT salt/chemicals the daylights out of the roads!! Hope you don't have to go to far. Just stay home and enjoy the beauty of the snow. -v

Truly Blessed said...

hmmm, I didn't know Georgia ever got snow.

My guys are outside now with two snowblowers and a shovel, clearing our Michigan driveway of about 8".


BTW, enjoyed your AI recap.

redmaryjanes said...

It's freezing here in Michigan too. Sounds like you and Amy will have to bundle up this weekend. Do you even have a snow shovel since you live in Georgia?

K1 said...

Look at all these familar bloggers over here! I'm just tagging along as usual.

We don't have any snow here in Seattle this week. Rain, today, yes, but no more snow. That was last week.

It really has to be an experience for those of you down south.