Tuesday, January 29, 2008

American Idol Commentary #5 - Omaha

Omaha? Yeehaw! Brokeback Idol here we come!

Paula is delayed (flight is late) and that l;eaves the guys to start the auditions.

Chris Bernheisal is going to explode happiness all over the place. It is the biggest life-ALTERNATING event in his life. He sounds like he's into ALTERNATIVE lifestyles. He brought gifts for the judges. He thinks AI is about giving people a second chance at their dreams, and now he's going to cry because he couldn't afford to travel before. He wants to sing a Kelly Clarkson song, badly, gayly, he is gone. Simon is gentle with him, and actually is not rude or harsh. Good Lord, he auditioned to help host the finale, and Simon agreed to support him with the local FOX affiliate. He literally IS exploding happiness. I wonder what designer's dress he'll wear on the red carpet.

21 year old Jason Rich is from a very small town called Stout, Iowa. He says he's nervous but ready. "When You Say Nothing At All" by Keith Whitley. A rough beginning, a pause, Randy is okay, Simon puts pressure on. Starts again, but keeps forgetting the words and stops again. One more start. Simon actually tries to help him with the lyrics. The guy has a good voice, but is way too nervous. Now he's got it going. Randy likes the voice but does not see star quality. Simon says it was okay. Randy and Simon say yes, he's through! Simon warns, if it happens again, you're gone.

Jason's GF squeals when he comes out and Simon says "He just stepped on someone. He stepped on Ryan."

Now we get a segment on people forgetting lyrics.

Segment on Rachel Wicker, who was arm-wrestling everyone in sight including Ryan Seacrest. She sings a Leeann Womanck song and it sounds pretty good. Of course, we know Simon hates country. She did warble a little. Randy, Paula yes. Simon no, she's in. She arm-wrestles Paula and kicks her butt.

Sarah Whitaker is a goth, Lady Morg, a professional wrestler in her past. She does some weird thing to hit Ryan, auditions and sounds like a weird Munchkinland song. Simon says she's strange and she says she likes it that way. Paula says yes, but the guys veto that one. Ryan comes in and questions their judgement, and an argument ensues. The guys slam him for not being a judge and Paula agrees to swap positions with Ryan. As Ryan sits down, he says, "How do I pretend to be overpaid for doing no work."

Samantha Sidley is here. She's caught up in the Ryan/Paula switch. She sings a Nora Jones song and it sounds nice and smooth, a little bit off for her breathing, but not bad. Ryan likes her voice, but talks about her moving around. Paula returns to stand up for her. They switch back. They SLAUGHTER Ryan with the "other door" stuff. Too funny! Paula passes her, Randy says yes and so she has 4 yes votes!

Elizabeth Erkert - "I Heard it through the Grapevine"
Denise Jackson - no idea what song
Michael Sanfilippo - again no idea
All three get unanimous votes!

Funny clip of a winner going down the escalter saying how she'll prove Simon wrong in Hollywood because she WILL be America's Next Top Model. SHe catches her mistake and cracks up.

Angelica Puente from Kenosha, WI. She has big drama with her family and not wanting to obey her father. She's 17 and she moved out on her own. Drama, drama, drama, and some tears. Her song choice is "Power of Love" by Celine Dion. People should know by now not to try to sing Celine, Whitney, or Mariah unless they can nail it. She is kinda close. Randy calls it a mimic. Paula says she can sing, but she lacks performance, but a promising voice. Randy yes, Paula yes, Simon thinks she could be good with some effort, but he agrees with Randy and she's through.
They have Ryan calling her dad on speaker phone.

As we return, the focus is on rock!

David Cook, 24, from Tulsa, a bartender and musician. He talks about wanting to be like Daughtry, but is styled exactly like Blake Lewis with the argyle sweater and colored hair. He picks "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. He's got passion in his voice, he's singing it slowly but powerfully. Randy advises to work on presence and motion, but all three are saying yes.

Johnny Escamilla - who says he can only compare himself to James Brown. He calls himself a hyper 18 year old boy. Randy engages him in conversation and Paula ERUPTS with a hiccup and Simon drops his papers. Simon calls her a disgusting little pig. His song choice is Shout by Otis Day and the Knights. It is a novelty song. Simon hates his gold glitter jacket, the singing, the dancing, everything. Simon no, Paula no, Randy no.

The coming up clip focuses on a guy who says his mom raised a homecoming queen, but it wasn't one of her daughters. This is where I try to explain that I do not hate gay people. I don't care for the subset of gay people who feel the need to flaunt their sexuality and make sure everyone knows they are gay.

Commercial ends and we see a girl with the most audacious tatoo I have ever seen on a woman. It is a bird-like thing coing up out of her cleavage and very predominantly covering her chest. Then we see a guy who looks like Earl's brother on My Name is Earl. And now we discover it's one of those make everyone sing a song they don't know and piece it together. The song is "Stuck in the Middle With You."

One last audition Leo Marlowe, from a small town, and he makes the homecoming queen statement. Simon says, so you're popular? and the guy says that's a horrible thing to say. Huh? So he sings "A Song to You." Simon says he likes his good voice and that he is open and not offensive. Paula says "touchdown!" and now Leo flames his way out the door.

We got 19 people to pass in Omaha.

Tomorrow is Miami.


Bubba's Sis said...

Another good recap!

I'm SO ready for Hollywood week now. Enough with the auditions.

FRIGGA said...

Oooh ooohh American Idol! Oh wait, no, I don't know much about it... But I wanted to leave another comment - does it still count? ;-)