Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why Not Tired?

So, I worked yesterday, until 4:30, and I managed to make it to the store in time to pick up some dinner for Amy and myself. Amy went off to work, and I watched TV for a while before heading upstairs to work on cleaning up what we call the "computer room." It's the 4th bedroom, the one at the end of the hall, the green room. I made some good progress, including finding and disposing of the flower bulbs we bought last year in Williamsburg, VA, that I never planted.

Amy woke me this morning when she got home and we made it out on time for the 9:!5 service at church. The music was good, though a bit funny because the first song was a new one and the band leader messed up on trying to get in synch with the praise band in the other room. They kinda strummed along playing the same chord over and over for a minute and jumped in at the chorus.

The sermon centered around forgiveness. One woman's testimony was given, and she explained what she went through being divorced and watching her husband remarry and then do many of the things they had planned to do together, but with his new wife. Eventually their daughter married, and she realized the need to get past her hurt and forgive him for the pain he caused her. Not only was the wedding a pleasant experience for all involved, but they are now sociable and they celebrated the birth of their grandchild together.

I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about this message, how we can be better people and live better lives if we do not hold onto hurts and forgive those who have hurt us. I am trying to work out how to apply this to certain elements of my life, including a woman who I really do not even know, who has said some hurtful things about me.

So, church ended, and we stopped at the Cracker Barrel for some takeout. As usual, the order was incomplete, and we didn't find out until we were home. We love their food, but we can not get a complete, correct takeout order from them. Could be another opportunity for forgiveness.

After we ate, Amy went to nap, and I went to play cards. I did fair, but no where near well enough to win today. I went by Publix to get things for dinner and came home to continue working on the clean-up process. It's amazing how many CDs and DVDs we own that are not in their cases, and trying to collect and match them is taking a long time.

I came down to make dinner a little after 8, and we started watching A Walk To Remember, one of our favorite movies. So it's now 5 after 11 and Amy is about to pass out in the recliner again, and I am not the least bit tired. All I can say is I'm not wired, but for some reason I have been having leg cramps all day, and in the back of my thighs where normally they come in my calves.

Tomorrow is a long day of cleaning, primarily upstairs as Amy's sister Kelly is coming to stay with us for most of the week. Pixel gets to go to the vet tomorrow to get neutered. Amy's family arrives on Wednesday, and we found out tonight that Dad and Paula are coming for Thanksgiving dinner before going to the Falcons/Colts game. I predict 52-10 Indianapolis.


FRIGGA said...

A Walk To Remember - is that the one with Mandy Moore? She's cute. I don't think I've seen it - I should.

Have fun with your cleaning!! ;-)

Bubba's Sis said...

I struggle with forgiveness. I pray every day for God to help me with it.