Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Pixel had his surgery yesterday and he came through very well. He is his normal self, playful and affectionate today.

We made GREAT strides in cleaning the house over the past two days. In fact, LynnMarie's room is ENTIRELY cleaned out. I asked Amy to shoot a few pictures and post them to the nursery webpage tomorrow.

The computer room is cleaned up too, and will now be able to be used as a guest bedroom. It took many hours, but I found homes for over 100 CDs that were not in their cases.

SiL Kelly is coming to stay with us tomorrow through the weekend and FiL and MiL Tom and Barbara will be at a local hotel (cat allergies). We will have 10 or 11 people for Thanksgiving dinner this year.


FRIGGA said...

"I found homes for over 100 CDs that were not in their cases."

Since you're such an expert, you wanna come and help me with my 100+ that are totally disorganized? 8-)

Yay for Pixel & double Yay's for having a full house on Thanksgiving!!!

FRIGGA said...
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