Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It's 12:40am on Tuesday morning and I am home in front of the TV, having just eaten some frozen (and microwaved) White Castles. I am watching professional wrestling (which I recorded while at work) and I am thoroughly enjoying myself!

For anyone who cares or knows about WWE performers, tonight is a one-night return of DX (degeneration X), the tag-team of Shawn Michaels (The Heartbreak Kid) and Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley). These guys are grown men who get to act like middle-schoolers and they are quite funny. They opened the broadcast with a sketch that managed to include mocking themselves, and the writers of the show and mentioning the hollywood writer's strike which I don't think involves the WWE creative team, but it could I suppose. I'll ask a liberla friend about unions and maybe find an answer.

As the show has progressed, they just aired a new promo video for wrestler Jeff Hardy, the current Intercontinental Champion and one half of the multi-time Tag Team Champions the Hardy Boys (with brother Matt). The video was set to the song "Rooftops" by the band Lost Prophets. I know and like this song because they used it for the fan appreciation video for the NHL Atlanta Thrashers (BELIEVE IN BLUELAND!) last Spring and it's a rocking song. Go look it up on Youtube or something.

As I type this, I just had a visit from Pixel, my brother's sweet kitten. You can see him playing in a coke box last week if you pan down the posts on my blog.

Later today (again, it's Tuesday already) I'll be waking up to take my Jeep to the body shop to get a new door. I love this vehicle. I bought it 10 years ago, at which time it was already 3 years old. I have taken it from 36000 miles to almost 180,000 and it is STILL going! The problem now is that the door can become misaligned and bang when it closes, resulting in the mechanism inside the door actually shearing away from the metal of the door itself. There is no welding fix because the metal is so thin, and Jeep does not consider this a warranty or safety recall issue. I told them just get me a new (or used) door, I don't even care what color it is (as the car just needs to run and the appearance is negligible, so it could be pink but I think they got me a burgundy one so it will match fairly well.

I talked to my lovely bride, Amy earlier tonight and she is off from work tomorrow, because they were overstaffed, but she managed to add another shift later in the week. Well have the day together after she sleeps a little. We may watch Cassablanca. our friend Frigga ( just watched it and Amy has never seen it.

I updated the queue on Netflix (yes, I haven't managed to cancel it yet), but I put on 1408, The Departed, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and Reign Over Me on the list.

I was watching the news this afternoon and saw that an old hangout had a fire last night. Freeland's (also known as Suburb-a-Night) is a pizza bar where our friend (Peter's best friend) bartender Matt used to work. It was good food, but Peter had a falling out with the management (and he was a very valuable regular there). It is also where we met our favorite trivia host Patrick ( many years ago. It is sad because it is one of the oldest buildings in Roswell, GA, a house that was converted to the business and dates back over 100 years.

I was watching the news while cooking dinner for Amy and myself. We both had to work tonight, so I made a meatloaf (using my Mom's recipe). It came out very well as far as appearance, but I found a differenc in the moisture caused by the meat I used. Mom says to use ground chuck, but Publix was kinda expensive for that and had ground sirloin on sale, so I got the sirloin in stead. It's a better quality meat, but it's not as juicy.

On the way home from work tonight (11:30pm) I stopped at Walmart, primarily to get vacuum cleaner bags, but I did not note the make and model of our vacuum, because I thought I had remembered the bag code when I emptied it the other night. I will check it tomorrow and make another trip for the bags.

Many happy vibes to Valfrey - the non-celebrity couple known as Jeff and Valerie Rushing ( as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary last week with a cruise and returned to TN for their year-old top of the cake. Read about that experience on Jeff's blog.

Liberal-magnet blogging friend Sparky Duck has a new job, new clothes, and a new commute in SE Pennsylvania, but he still had time to quote and post some Springsteen today over at

Amy's college friend and Jeff's best friend Steven Russell is a cool Christian guy who is a videographer for a TV station in Memphis. Ever see a guy host his own video show WHILE DRIVING?!?!? Visit Steven at

Okay now, it's about a half an hour since I started this mess, so I will finish my glass of iced tea and head to bed for about 5 and a half hours.

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FRIGGA said...

Oh my, there was a lot in there... First - Thanks for the link love! Second - yay for jeeps! Third - fires suck. Fourth - why do I refuse to just write down the bag type? Fifth - I'll head on over to Sparky's now!

Happy um, a Tuesday evening?!!!! 8-)

Vixen said...

Hello, just stopping by to say hello to my "possible long lost twin" and see what you are about. I see you have a basset hound. Hmmm, so do I.

Stop by and look around anytime: