Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ten on Tuesday #8

Ten Words That Describe Me
1. Loyal - can you be a Phillies fan and NOT be loyal?
2. Faithful - I decided long before I got married that I would never be getting a divorce.
3. Thoughtful - just ask Amy. :)
4. Tolerant - yeah, just ask Lucy our Bassett Hound.
5. Smart - it's amazing the things I know and retain.
6. Fat - my wife says no, but I know the truth.
7. Lazy - you should see some of the rooms in our
8. Funny - at least in my own mind.
9. Conservative - I believe in charity, but not as dictated by the government, sorry Democrats.
10. Upbeat - my attitude towards life could be summed up in most any song from the 1980's.


Bubba's Sis said...

A good list! We have a few the same...

Julia said...

A very interesting list about you. Your wife is lucky to have you. And I want to wish you both luck in adopting the little one from China :)

Happy Ten on Tuesday!

FRIGGA said...

Hey, *most* of those describe me. So what 80's song describes you best?