Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Review

Well folks, it's Sunday night, almost bedtime. I just finished adding the music to my blog and posting what is the first in a series of pictures I'll be adding each day here.

As for the holiday week...

Wednesday - spent the day at work, knowing that family was on the way. I arrived home shortly after my in-laws got here, FiL Tom, MiL Barbara, SiL Kelly, and niece Janie and nephews Seth and Owen. We played with the kids for a bit and went out to dinner at Chili's. I sat by Owen (almost 2 and a half) and he was quite entertaining. After dinner Tom and Barbara took the kids to their hotel and I took Kelly and Amy to Target for a few things they needed for Tom and Barbara's anniversary gift. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday - I went to work with a short shift 8:45-1:30. It was slow, but we did have some customers. I got home and escaped upstairs for a short nap. I awoke about an hour later as Amy came up to tell me everyone was here. We were joined for dinner by my brother Peter, his friend Gary, my father (Dennis) and his wife Paula, and Paula's son Jason. The kids were picked up by their dad late Wednesday night for the holiday in Nashville, so we had a total of 10 for dinner. I really enjoyed waking up to a very large, fully-prepared meal. After dinner Peter and Gary went off to Winston's, Dad and Jason went to the Falcons game, Paula went home, and the rest of us drove up to Lake Lanier to drive through the Magical Night of Lights.

Friday - Work again for me. We had a few guests right at opening, mostly looking for electronics as we had a digital camera and a digital camcorder on the 7 hour sale. We also had a sale on a digital photo keychain, $9.99 instead of $20 for the 7 hours and we sold a lot of those. I downloaded about 30 pictures from our laptop and demonstrated the keychain throughout the day, along with making announcements over the paging system. I was off at 3:15 and went home to relax while Amy and Kelly continued working on their parent's gift. Tom came over (Barbara was not feeling well) and we went out to Georgia's Stone Mountain Park for their Christmas events. It is the best Christmas event we have attended in years. We sat for two musical shows, watched the laser show on the face of the mountain, and watched the 40 minute 4-D version of The Polar Express before heading home.

Saturday - another day of work for me, quieter. I got off a little early as I was feeling a little ill myself. I came home to watch the Georgia/Georgia Tech football game, which was a real mess as far as officiating. The good news of the day was the UCF VICTORY over University of Texas - El Paso. It gives us a 9-3 record for the season, with 7-1 record in conference play. For the 2nd time in the three years we have been in Conference USA we have won the Eastern Division, and we will also host the conference championship game next week against Tulsa in our brand-new home stadium on our campus! BTW we played Tulsa earlier in the season in Tulsa and beat them by about 18 points!

Sunday - both Amy and I went to bed early last night (by 10pm) as we are both a little sick. We slept until 8am and got up for church. I excused myself from my shift in the bookstore during the second service. It was a very small crowd today, for the final week of a series on the fruits of the spirit, wrapping up with self-control. It was a different format, with one of the pastors interviewing a couple from the congregation about their struggle when, after 4 years of marriage, the wife discovered her husband had lied about being a virgin when they married and also has an addiction to pornography. I can't say I got anything out of it as they said a lot about it being hard on them, but I didn't hear much about what they have done to address and resolve the issue, or how he is exercising self-control now.
Amy and I stopped at Waffle House for breakfast (and had to send back both our plates because there was no cheese on our smothered and covered hash browns). Once home we sat in the living room and were visited by the kitties for a few minutes and then we settled down to relax, rest our sick bodies and watch TV for the day. We made it through I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (not very good) and Reign Over Me (which I liked quite a bit). We had more leftover turkey and sides for dinner and watched The Polar Express, leading up to this point, about time for bed.


Tammy said...

Love the Christmas facelift to the blog! Hope all is well! We look forward to seeing you and Amy at FF next week! Just think, one day your sweet daughter will be enjoying this time of year with you. I bet she'll love Charlie Brown! :)

FRIGGA said...

That sounds like a good 5 days. I really enjoy some of the food at Chili's. A wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving? I think when/if I get married, I'll stay away from days that could also be holidays. It just doesn't seem very romantic, but then again, I am single. 8-\ Okay, the keychain thing sounds cool, and at $7 a great deal, but I don't want to be near retail anything on the day after Thanksgiving! Okay, I suppose I've left a long enough comment, so I'll just leave the rest of the post alone ;-) Oh, except that I also enjoyed watching the Polar Express!! :P

Sonya said...

Sounds like a great week! Chili's is the bomb! I love the molten chocolate cake and the potato soup! Yummy!

We're big football fans and we love Georgia and Mark Richt. We had mixed feelings about beating KY since it knocked GA out of the SEC championship game. I hope we will play as good a game against LSU as we know GA would have!