Thursday, November 08, 2007

Randomness Continued

It's Thursday.

I just got home from work and had to call a neighbor about their dog. Amy warned me about it yesterday, but I had not seen it. Apparently it's a Boston Terrier who keeps getting out of it's fenced in backyard. Amy nearly ran over it twoce yesterday, and tonight as I was getting home it was in our driveway waiting to get run over by me. I called the number on Pepper's tag and the guy sent his kid to come get the thing.

My Jeep is not ready still. I dropped it at the body shop on Tuesday to have the driver's door replaced. The mechanism in the door that catches on the hook had sheared off the door itself, so the door will not close. I dropped it off on Tuesday, but the part they had was not right. They have had two more used doors delivered, but neither one was in acceptable condition (these are salvage parts) and a new door would be about triple the price. I can appreciate they want to do a good job with a good part, but I want my Jeep back.

I have tomorrow off and I need to get up and finish painting what I can of the outside, the shutters on the two porches and a second coat on the door, then I'll talk to the guy two houses down who is a painter and have him do the shutters above the garage where the roof is too steep for my big uncoordinated butt.

We got our Netflix shipment today, 1408, Blades of Glory, Shooter, and the Departed. I can watch Shooter tonight, and maybe the Departed. Amy expressed interest in it, but told me to watch it first. She will want to see Blades of Glory and 1408 with me.

Amy went out to look for something in her car and she got an unexpected visit. While bent over in the back seat, somebody jumped on her back. That someone is Pixel.

Lucy the Bassett Hound decided to take an interest in movies this week. She took an old VHS copy of Offic eSpace outside to chew on. Today she tried taking our DVD of Rent out for the same thing.

It's Thursday. Did you know it's just two weeks to Thanksgiving? Amy posted about it on her blog today. It is the earliest that Thanksgiving could possibly be.

Neighbor Dave is recovering happily on pain killers after his knee surgery. You may recall I mentioned he tore his ACL and another ligament in his right knee when he was hit by two football players at a practice a few weeks ago.

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FRIGGA said...

Poor poor Jeep - I hope they're taking good care of it! ;-)

And yea, yesterday I was reminded - only 3 more paychecks until Christmas!!! :-0