Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten on Tuesday #10

Ten best games (video, board, card).
(not ranked)
1. Uno - easy and fun. Reverse! Skip! Draw Two! Draw Four Wild!
2. Othello - Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master!
3. No-limit Texas Hold-em Poker
4. Yahtzee (hand-held electronic, very addictive)
5. Silhouette (arcade sniper game)
6. Trivial Pursuit - for over 20 years a family favorite
7. Hearts - many, many weekend nights in high school playing with friends
8. Zork - okay, it's been 20 years, but it was fun at the time
9. Scattegories - I tend to overanalize which makes this one fun
10. Kickball - always a childhood classic


FRIGGA said...

Oh my, you like Trivial Pursuit?!?!?! I never woulda guessed!! :-0

Okay, your top 10 looks way different than mine would. I do kinda enjoy some of those. But I've never even heard of 2 of them...

Amy said...

Michael, you have the bestest background ever!!!!! I spent many a night as a little girl staying up reading my Charlie Brown books!

Most of these would be on my top ten as well. But I never heard of Zork. Is it anything like zilch where you use five dice? Maybe I'll google it and see!

I pray for you and Amy all the time and rejoicing that the day is getting closer until your precious girl comes!

Patois said...

Love #4, but I forgot to include it. We do have some in common -- TP and 7. And I adored kickball as a kid.

Sonya said...

I love me some Scattergories!

LadyWolf said...

We have a few in common,cant say I know of Zork,sounds interesting though.I didnt even think of kickball,great choices. =D