Thursday, November 08, 2007

Friday Feast #28

Which snack do you like to get when you go to the movies?

Popcorn - definitely popcorn.

What year did you start using the internet?

1993-94 - I was at UCF and we used it for chatting and role-playing games.

What is your first name in Pig Latin? (Here’s how to speak it if you don’t already know!)

I have never cared for nor have I ever used this "language" as I find it demeaning to porcine-Americans.

Main Course
Name something you are picky about.

Putting the cap on anything. Leaving a handtowel in the bathroom. Cleaning as I cook.

Fill in the blanks: I ____ ____ yesterday and I ____ ____ today.

I was Jeep-less yesterday, and I was Jeep-less today.


Gill said...

I am Jeep-less too, should we form a support group? LOL ;-)

Melli said...

Oh dear! I hope you become Jeepful tomorrow!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yeah, needing a new DOOR as the current one will not close. It appears to happen more often than you might think. The door gets mis-aligned and strikes in such a manner that it knocks the mechanism inside the door in such a way that it tears apart from the door, which is made of metal too thin to weld back. Jeep does not consider this to be a defect, though it certainly seems like a safety issue to me!

tegdirb92 said...

I clean as I go too--much easier. Wonderful feast this week.

Bubba's Sis said...

I'm picky about putting the cap back on things, too.

Where's the worms?

Natalie said...

I've been Jeep-less since January 3rd when my husband totaled ours. :( Great feast!

~Yen~ said...

I hope you will be Jeep-full anytime soon! :) Great feast!

Mine is up here;
Friday's Feast
Happy FF!

Rach said...

Hope you get your jeep back soon!

ArtfulSub said...

Happy Feast Day. Great salad and main course!

ellen b. said...

Oh my I didn't realize there was yet another offendable species! Happy feasting and have a great weekend...

Ginafish said...

Let me dance a little jig as someone has finally been on the net longer than I! :D
But then the dance sombers as I think about being Jeepless...

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

bubba's sis - the can of worms is the list of things I am picky about, particularly because they are all things that my lovely bride has trouble with, so they get under my skin. Caps on the toothpaste or on medicine bottles, closing a drawer after taking something out, there are more, but I should stop.

Amy got home from work this morning and I asked her if she was going to do a Feast this week and she mentioned something about being the (unnamed) subject of my Feast. :)

For those keeping score, I missed a call last night from the body shop that they may have a workable door and I have called them this morning and left a message, so I am awaiting a return call as we speak.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great feast Michael! I'm particular about all of those things, too, and many many more. :)

Sorry you're Jeep-less; hope that reverses soon!

Have a great day!

**"Liza"** said...

Ohh my! what happened to your jeep?you have full feast here..Happy feast!

Patti said...

Good for you for sticking up for porcine-Americans! ;) Happy Friday! Good luck with your Jeep!

ribbiticus said...

lol on your salad! hope your jeep is fixed soon! enjoy your weekend! ;)

FRIGGA said...

Hey, I'm carless too!! :P Of course my car never was as cool as a Jeep - but it sure is econimical ;-) And I'm very glad you didn't risk offending any of the Porcine-Americans, I wouldn't want any certain bloggers to get their panties in a twist ;-0

Mandy said...

Trivial, meaningless posts to satisify ones own needs for stroking and thoughtless backrubbing from internet friends never got my panties in a twist.

How about yours frigga?

Some people just. can't. let. it. go.

amy said...

Thats obvious!

Great feast by the way no matter who leave comments.

I am the one who does not put the tops back on things!!!heehee

FRIGGA said...

@ Mandy - You obviously don't like Michael or I, so why do you continue to hang around and bother him? I pray to the gods that you find the strength you need to let go.

Mandy said...

Because you continue to reference me. It's that simple. Stop and so will I. You have the power to do that - can you?

The only times I have ever posted here were in response to the racist comments or when I was mentioned - so tell me Frigga - were you not referencing me above?

Marsha said...

I've always been Jeep-less and shall remain Jeep-less. I hope you will not! hmmmm... I can appreciate your main course even though I am not seriously picky about those things.

Hoping you make Jeep today!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

From what I can see, Mandy, Frigga said nothing about you until you addressed her. It seems to me the only thing "above" she referenced would be the gods she asked for help in you deciding to move on with your life and finding someone else to accuse of ills against society.

Until you directed a comment towards Frigga, your name was not mentioned, and I (as the owner of this blog) still maintain that there have not been ANY racist comments. Your interpretation of my previous posts as "racist" appears to be only your opinion as no one (acquainted with me or otherwise) has felt as you do about the things I have said about behaviour and actions of individuals, never denegrating an entire race.

As the world's unofficial, racism police force, might I suggest you go harass Dwayne Chapman. You can google him and find out how he offended the world in a private telephone conversation and now has to beg the forgivenes of Al Sharpton in order to try to redeem himself.

Mandy said...

Here - I'll help you see past yourself since you have such a hard time:

And I'm very glad you didn't risk offending any of the Porcine-Americans, I wouldn't want any certain bloggers to get their panties in a twist ;-0

Who were the "certain bloggers" she was referencing?

And oh - trust me - you're a racist. You're just in denial. Saying the people on the internet who post to defend you at the drop of them dime don't think you are doesn't really hold much weight. That's like Frigga using Wikipedia as her source for debatable information. Not a real strong argument in your own defense.

And I respect that you're the owner of this blog (if one can own a piece of virtual real estate) - maybe it's better to say you sublease it from Google.

But you're also the owner of a twisted, racist, sexist mean spirited mind set. Do you want to lay claim to that as well?

amy said...

why continue to visit a twisted, racist, sexist, mean, spirited blog? it can not be just to see if your name is mentioned. If thats how you think his blog has been, its obvious one reader or one commenter will not change his views.

Who cares what certain bloggers she was referring to?

Mandy said...

A lot of sites that have been known to spew racism and hate are monitored. That's all.

This site has been flagged as one of those sites. That's all.

And when I am referenced I will comment. That's all.

His world view must be pretty obvious when his own wife admits his views can't be changed.

I still stand amazed to know he is pursuing an international adoption when he harbors the feelings he has displayed so openly and hatefully here.

People never cease to amaze me.

amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amy said...

That was me deleted the comment.I just wasted a lot of time typing a lot of words before thinking. I graciously give you the last word as I really need to stress over more important things than this. Im sorry you feel the way you do and that you feel you must comment here frequently. But I do understand. If I am referenced in any way, I always comment, regardless if its good or bad.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I hate posting about posting..I must find something else to comment on...HeeHee