Friday, November 16, 2007

Weird Dream

I very seldom have dreams that I would call vivid, and even more seldom do I remember them.

Last night was different and weird.

We were living in the house I lived in from 1983-1990. It was my house and all who were involved were their current ages. Amy and I lived in the bedroom that was my older brother's. He was living with us, but in the room that was mine as a teen. My mother was there (not sure if it was a permanent living arrangement) in her master bedroom, and we had a guest room in what was my younger brother's bedroom.

If that was not weird enough, our guest was the wife of a couple we are friends with. They have not been married long (less than 5 years). She had a fight with a husband over an apartment lease and was staying with us. While with us, she started sleeping with my older brother.

I think we are watching too much Grey's Anatomy. That show involves a woman living in her parent's old house, with friends, and there is marital strife and a lot of sleeping around. The major difference, none of the people in my dream (myself included of course) are nearly as beautiful as the people on that TV show. :)

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FRIGGA said...

Turn off the tv and step away!! You're being unknowingly influenced by the loose morals of Hollywood - wake up and turn off the tv!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and come play Rockin' With Frigga (please note the songs of choice have no moral bearings, so you may continue to dream of such things)