Monday, December 03, 2007

Something Different - Interactive Day

Let's see if we can't get the comments rolling....

Tell me/us your favorite Christmas memory.

For me it is November of 2000. I was newly engaged to Amy, and I guess it was the weekend after Thanksgiving. She was working these 16 hour shifts from 3pm to 7am.
I had the weekend off as I was working a 9-5 job and traveling a lot.

Amy went to work that Saturday, and I went to see Charlie's Angels at the movies. On the way home I stopped and bought a Christmas tree and took it to Amy's apartment (I had a key). She had already left for work, so I set up the tree near the living room/kitchen border. I cleaned the apartment as much as possible, strung lights on the tree and set up a boom box playing Christmas music on repeat before leaving the apartment.

When Amy got home the following morning she entered the apartment to find the lit tree, the place cleaned, and music playing. For a Christmas fanatic like Amy, I could do little better, and I think I have yet to top that one.


jenn said...

Mine is nowhere near as sweet as yours, but when my parents moved South years ago, me, my sis and my brother rented an apartment together and stayed in NY. The first Christmas without our parents was hard. My brother went to visit, so it was just me and my sister. She was complaining how it didn't feel like Christmas, because there weren't many gifts under the tree to open Christmas morning. So on Christmas Eve, after she went to bed, I wrapped almost everything in our little apartment and put it under the tree! When she woke the next morning, she was so surprised to see all the gifts. We laughed so hard when she unwrapped toilet paper and forks, but it is still one of my best holiday memories!

FRIGGA said...

Oh, that is so like Christian Slater in Untamed Hearts (one of the greatest movies EVER, of course that's because I have a thing for Christian.)

My favorite Christmas memory? I don't think I have just one, but a bunch of them strung together to make the season special.

:-) Happy Tuesday :-)

Carol said...

Our son Hayden then 6 months old was admitted to Children's Hospital Dec 10 with RSV. The doctor asked me if I had finished all the shopping because he would not be home for Christmas. (She knew we had a 4 yr old at home). Yes I was finished early. The first time ever...I guess somehow God told me to get that done. Well here is the good week later he was released, and we were HOME for Christmas! It was a very special Christmas that year!!!

Love and Smiles said...

Our first Christmas there was very little money, so I went to AAA and got maps to places we wanted to travel. I stuck sticky notes on them with where we would go. After Christmas they hung on the office wall until we moved. It is still fun to dream about where we would go.