Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas at Rockefeller Plaza

Amy recorded this program when it aired on NBC this week, and I watched it this morning while surfing the net. Here are my thoughts....

Josh Groban - the guy has an incredible voice, one you might think does not match the body.

Carrie Underwood - An incredible talent. I loved her performance.

Tony Bennett - Another legendary artist. I like his style and his voice, but the lyrics he sang had me wondering if he was improvising or simply didn't know "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" as well as any 7 year-old in the country?

Ashley Tisdale - They had to tell me who this girl is (mentioned something about People's list of hottest stars under age 25). Her performance of "Last Christmas" was pretty good, despite some pseudo-cutesy/sexy knee-dips and being distracted by her Debbie Gobson-esque large nose.

Taylor Swift - She redid "Silent Night" and I hated it. Nothing against her personally, just not an appropriate thing to do to such an established song.

Celine Dion - Another legendary voice. It was kinda weird hearing "The Christmas Song" paired with Heart's "Alone" though Celine can sing either one quite well. Here's the negative - CUT OUT THE THEATRICS AND POSTURING. It's been ten years since she thumped her chest throughout every performance of "My Heart Will Go On." I looked up during her "previously taped" performance in a small restaurant setting and there she is, stance - legs spread, pumping her arm, and hugging herself, just sing the songs already.

End notes - -I wasn't paying close attention to the hosts names, so they mentioned and I realized the one Donny Osmond looking guy was Nick "I blew a marriage to a beautiful woman after being in a boy band" Lachey. Also, when they lit the tree at the end they had some dancers on the screen who were pretty and had very nice outfits (though they must have been cold).


amy said...

I still say it was Jessicas fault. Im just saying..I will always be on Team Nick!

Love and Smiles said...

We got to watch the tail end of the 75th Radio City Music hall (I think that is the name lol) special. It was pretty neat.
And RUDOLPH is on Tuesday night in HD!!! Rudolph is one of the highlights of my Christmas season!

Side note: I completely understand your comments about comments now. I will no longer lurk on blogs. I will post a comment if I have something to say. I have no idea if people are looking at the kids blog!

FRIGGA said...

Okay, I just have to say as far as your Nick Lahey comment - I once saw an episode of that show that he and Jessica did together. In the episode I watched I couldn't believe that a real Man would want to have anything to do with her, or could bear to put up with her. I made me disgusted to see what he went through living with her - there's much more to life than beauty!!!

amy said...

Im so disappointed in her and I dont really know her. I agree there is so much more life to beauty. Well said~