Friday, December 28, 2007

Bravo TV Network's Top TV Characters

I was channel surfing and found an interesting show on. In 5 segments Bravo is listing and having guest commentary on their list of the top 100 TV characters of all time. When I turned it on, they were on #11 and moving up the list. Here's what I saw....

# 11. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, they liked her independence, her influence on style, and the fact she was there trying to determine who she wanted to be when there was a lot of expectations on her based on her age and place in life.

#10 Tony Soprano from The Sopranos, husband, father, Godfather, patient. That's how they started his commentary. He kills people at will, but would die for his family.

#9 Capt. James T. Kirk from Star Trek, a bonified hero with a moral compass, though he said he was overwhelmed, it was disgusting how many beitiful women he had every week.

#8 Mary Richards fom the Mary Tyler Moore Show, a grown up Laura Petrie from the Dick Van Dyke Show. They rode the crest of women's liberation creating a great role model for single working women.

#7 Lt. Columbo from Columbo, as described by Peter Falk himself, "an ass-backwards Sherlock Holmes." Tom Selleck said, "Trying doing COlumbo with ANYONE but Peter Falk."

#6 Kramer, George, Jerry, and Elaine, yes the entire cast of Seinfeld. My personal thought is since the show is about nothing, it makes sense that it takes four people to make one character on the show.

#5 Homer Simpson from the Simpsons. He sees donuts where the rest of us see anything else.

#4 Fonzie (Arthur Fonzerelli) from Happy Days - did you know that Henry Winkler went to the Yale school of Drama?

#3 Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy. The first very pretty woman, sexy woman to play comedy according to Carl Reiner.

#2 Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners. Jackie Gleason NEVER has been equaled. He could do no wrong. In the mind of Kramden, your adversary wasn't your boss, it was life.

#1 Archie Bunker from All in the Family. He's probably the ultimate TV character, the most complete and compelling of all time. He was an American working-class male that was afraid of the changes that were happening in time around him.

Having only seen the last 11 of the 100, I am curious where a few other characters placed (if they did)...

Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H
Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinatti
Arnold Drummond from Different Strokes
ADA McCoy on Law & Order
Judge Harry Stone or ADA Dan Fielding on Night Court
Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote
Agent Fox Mulder from The X-files

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amy said...

I just found this post and I think you should move this to the top..Very interesting..What about Brandon and Brenda Walsh from 90210?

Just kidding but I do thin Alex P Keaton should be on this list...

GOod post!