Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day - So Far

The alarm buzzed at 6am. By 6:20 we were at Waffle House.

We were the only people there besides the two overnight employees. Everyone else was due in by 7 it appeared. We enjoyed our breakfast and came home to do the gift thing.

We kinda had to do it 2-3 for me and one for Amy because she prefers quantity to quality, but that was the way I went for her. Amy received the first season of "King of Queens" a Garth Brooks greatest hits CD/DVD, several sermon series CD sets, and the main thing, a new set of pots and pans, branded by Emeril Legasse! She also had a stocking hung by the chimney with care.

My stocking was just handed to me when we sat be the tree. My loot included a wrestling DVD I asked for, a t-shirt from Pennys, several games, a few DVDs that were unexpected including The Departed and The Goonies (because those two are so closely related), a couple of books, and a few things I don't think I am allowed to mention.

I went to work from 8:45-1:30 and had very little in photo to do, but I helped a LOT of people find the food items they needed. I recommended some gift items, and worked on straightening a lot of the food areas and cooler.

Now we are home and about to leave to see the new Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts movie and go to Shogun for our Japanese Steakhouse dinner.

Gotta Run!

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