Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A feew months ago, I wrote a couple of posts that resulted in a perfect stranger deciding that I was a number of things, including a racist and an angry person.

Today I have to wonder how much truth there is in the latter part (as the former is totally untrue). Amy and I were doing some Christmas shopping, and we stopped at Sam's Club in search of a requested item. We found that item, and I also picked upa box of Sweet & Low, which I use in my iced tea as sugar is not good for me being a diabetic.

On our way out we got to our car, and a female senior citizen was in the vehicle next to mine. She rolled down her window and asked me if the Sweet & Low was for my personal use. I responded that it was, and she asked if she could follow up with another question, and I responded that if it nvolved my personal health, then no.

She proceeded to try to engage Amy and me in a conversation about one of the ingredients in Sweet & Low being a cause of Alzheimer's Disease. I have heard rumors of this (typically via alarmist emails) and also about diet coke (something about the change in the chemical sweetner if it is warmed (like left in a hot car) and later consumed. I really did not care to hear about this again, as I do not put a lot of faith in this story, and I REALLY found it out of place for a stranger to want to interrupt me to be my personal watchdog. I basically told her to mind her own business, got in my Jeep and we left.

Amy asked me about the incident, and my response was that even if this is true, it is not a concern of mine, because I seriously do not expect to live long enough for Alzheimer's to be an issue. In 5 weeks I will be 37 years old and I have no reason to believe that I have not already passed the half way point of my life. Amy said something about that statement answering one thing for her.

Maybe I need anti-depressants, but i don't put much faith in them either. So what's next?


Bubba's Sis said...

I can't comment on whether or not you have anger issues - or faith issues - or any other kind of issues. But that woman really should have minded her own business. I would have kindly - but quickly - told her thank you but I've heard it all before, and left. I'll never understand some people thinking they are others' personal watchdogs. MYOB, I say. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Love and Smiles said...

That comment about already being on the down slope is very sad. That means you expects to die at or before 74! I don't know your family history, but all of my grandparents lived past that! We have several members that are in their 80's and 90's.
I would certainly hope that you would be doing all you can to live as long as you can. (As I type this I realize that I should be doing more to avoid problems down the line)
I do agree that it was none of the lady's business.

Mandy said...
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FRIGGA said...

Drugs are not the answer!! Oh I think that might have come out wrong. It's natural for people to feel as though they know their own life expectancy. I've had many people tell me (mostly men) that they don't expect to live past 60.

As for anger issues... Well did you yell at her? Did you physically harm her or any object during your interaction with her? Did you threaten her in any way? It's not rude to tell a perfect stranger that a certain topic is NOT up for discussion and then walk away. That's about the most polite reaction one could have.

Stop double guessing yourself!!

Oh, and I'll just completely ignore the the comment above mine that throws in insults mixed in with what appears to be a compliment - nope, I'll remain silent on that one! ;-0

amy said...

Its okay to have "down days". It really is and as an observant of the situation you really were not as rude as you could be. You spoke your opinion and got in your jeep. I love you and glad we got to talk some last night.. Boy, we both have some issues that can be worked on. WE have a long wait which is the perfect time to work on these.
You were not curt, short or rude to the lady or "Michaelish" in this post or to the lady. Its okay to share your feelings. I know you will get comments when you share your feelings and thats okay. You can not judge on typed words alone. I learned that once and I have a hard time with that, but I am trying.

the drama continues

Love and Smiles said...

Michael, I love you too!! (as a sister of course!!!) Don't listen to everything that is posted here. The people that really know you know what a great guy you are. and of course you have issues that need work, YOU ARE HUMAN!!! That is what this whole season is about, a tiny baby that came to save broken, sinful people like me and you!!
Thanks for being real, even when it is not pretty!!