Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Freaking New Year

So it's 10:40pm on New Year's Eve. Big Freaking Deal.

New Year's Eve has never been anything more than just another night for me and pretty much anyone in my family. It generally comes down to a reason for people to get together and have a party, and well, I've never been the type of guy to get invited to many parties, New Year's Eve or otherwise.

In honor of the end of the year, a little reflection on some major events.

My wife and I completed the process to apply to adopt a baby from China only to later discover that it will be something close to five more years before this dream might become a reality.

In June I was fired from a job I generally liked. The depression that ensued lead to accepting a job making about 60% of what I had been making and not being motivated to try to find anything better. The mortgage and other bills remained the same despite the reduced income to pay them.

I was called a racist by a woman I don't even know, and she decided to start a website dedicated to bringing attention to me.

I spent over $2500 to have repairs done to my vehicle only for the repairs to fail about 5 weeks later.

I upset my wife numerous times with things I said or did both on this blog and in person with people, including alegedly causing great strain in a relationship with another couple we know who she loves to tell me how awesome they are.

I had a period of excellent control of my diabetes swing 180 degrees the opposite way. After my firing I gave up the expense of gym membership, while we continue to pay over $400 a year for my wife to belong to a gym that she visits about once every 6 weeks.

I have apparently become angry at the world because I refuse to pander to political correctness and because I make an effort to point out the flaws that lead to the hardships for people who the world seems to want to pity. Responsibility is not a requirement in any form or fashion anymore, and yes, I do not always live by the same rule I talk about, but who in this world is not a hypocrite in some manner? Does being similar to those I talk about make them any less wrong?

And the final fun thing, as New Year's Eve ticked along this afternoon, I was asked to promise not to go out and be anywhere at midnight where I might kiss someone. The precursor to this request is the fact that before I was engaged to be married, I kissed someone other than my wife. Note this was BEFORE I was even engaged, let alone before I was married, so this is the level of trust I am merited.

Happy Freaking New Year


me said...

Wow, Michael! That is quite a post. It has not been a great year for you. I pray 2008 is better. I am still praying for you!!!

Audrey said...

I found your blog from Steven Russell's blog and this post struck a nerve with me. First, I am sorry the Bond year was so bad for you. This was my worst year as well despite some pretty good things that happened. The bad always outshines the good. Here's to a better year for all!
And I will keep reading your blog if that's ok....