Monday, December 31, 2007

Pixel the Hunter

The tally as of this afternoon....

Pixel versus....

Birds... Unknown loses, though he hides in the Camellia bushes to monitor the bird feeder. He has at least 3 complete wins and one tie when Peter rescued one alive and got it back outside.

Chipmunks... I think we've seen one dead, and Pixel knows where they live.

Lizards... Little Gecko kinda guys that I didn't know lived this far north. Two wins for Pixel including one we saw outside and a carcass I found in the dining room today.

Snakes... One loss for Pixel as I found him with the snake alive in the dining room and I rescued and released it.

1 comment:

LINDA said...

Wow that's some bad pet you got there. Pixel, huh? Is there a story behind the name?