Sunday, December 23, 2007

Polite Society

I think we have reached a point where having your personal opinion and considering expressing it has taken second place to honoring and respecting other people's opinions, and refraining from either expressing your opinion or criticizing or saying anything contradictory to another person's opinion.

The latest evidence I have come across surrounds worship styles.

It all boils down to interpretations and opinions of art. In this world, anything that someone decides to call art becomes art. I remember a story about an exhibition that included a small crucifix submersed in a jar of urine. That was art. Robert Maplethorpe shot photographs of a man with a bullwhip sticking out of his anus, again art. If you criticize it, you might hurt the artist's feelings

I made a comment on another person's blog (Carlos) at and it was not welcome. Carlos wants to tal to me on the phone or in person in order to explain things regarding this type of worship.

Part of the general argument from Carlos and his supporters, is, as I understnad it, that if someone feels they are reaching God through contemporary rock music, or by infusing The Little Drummer Boy with The Who, then that is worship and the entire congregation should be happy and accepting of this. Yes, lets use the music of a band known for outrageous performances (onstage and off) fueld by drug and alcohol abuse in order to glorify the Creator.

By the same logic, I could walk up on stage, sit on a snare drum and flatulate and call it worship because I say it brings me closer to God, and you would all have to accept it and respect me for my creativity and dedication to my heartfelt expression of my faith.

The solution, as it has been presented is to choose one of two options, accept whatever someone offers you from the pulpit and follow them blindly without asking any questions, or find another church. It's basically saying, if you don't like it, then leave, but in my case I like the teaching and we have numerous friends at our church, so leaving is not desired. Any other options?

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steven.russell said...

Open your mind.

No one is wrond. No one is right.

Everyone worships different.

And there is room for everyone to do it any way they want.

As long as the focus of said worship is God.

You're trying to find an argument where there isn't one.