Thursday, December 13, 2007

Business Needing to be taken care of

Mandy Nickels, you are not welcome here. Please refrain from submitting comments to this blog. Any comments you post will be deleted as soon as found by the blog owner.

You have informed the blog owner that you find the content here inappropriate, so it is hard to understand why you wish to participate, other than to be an annoyance.


Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael - Lover of Amy said...

It's too bad that the above comment was removed by the author. It was actually a friendly and positively-toned comment, one that I would have no problem being left here. It was from Mandy.

I think there is a bit of appropriate application of this tidbit, because Mandy, you have previously said that I am searching for comments and readers. I don't believe that I am searching for validation. My brother believes that blogs are general for people's own egos and are as such useless to the rest of the world. In as much as people want email, and snail mail, as a reminder that they are alive, bloggers want comments. So what I was going to say originally, there's a Christian Business Writer named John Maxwell. In one of his books about management, he said it is natural that you want to surround yourself with people like you. Ideally that if you are an eagle, you don't hire turkeys to be your employees, but other eagles. Does this make any sense?