Thursday, July 26, 2007

The week in review

Monday - went to work. Yeah! First time in over a month. I spent an inordinate amount of time watching training videos and taking tests through a pretty nice online system Walgreen's has. It was VERY cold in the room I was in, and the chairs were very uncomfortable.

Tuesday - Back to work. After about a half an hour I left to go to another location because the machine I will have at my store is different than the local store. I got there and started, but was feeling nauseous and not well at all. I excused myself and went up the road to the hospital (less than a half mile from the Walgreen's). I got checked in at the ER and discovered my blood sugar level was 440. I spent 5 hours there getting IV fluids to rehydrate and insulin. Despite sleeping off and on in the ER, I crashed and was in bed by 8pm.

Wednesday - Feeling a LOT better, but not 100% I returned to the Canton store and got to spend some time in the lab where, on my first day, I saw my first "objectionable" pictures. Mixed in with a roll of family outing on the boat and the truck is a few of the Mrs. in a towel and less. I got home to find Amy still asleep, but she stayed up late after work. We made it to trivia where we nearly lost due to an incorrect bonus answer, but we pulled out a 4th place finish to win a pitcher of beer (which neither of us drinks).

Today - Again to work. I am getting the hang of things and having a TON of information thrown my way. I processed a lot of orders and made an extra $14.00 in premium credits. If you take an order for a toner cartridge refill or you up-sell an picture CD with an order, you get money (commission essentially). Back to home for a lovely dinner of chicken breast, pasta and peas and I watched this week's The Closer, the premiere of Mad Men, and about another 45 minutes of Spartacus. Now I'm off to bed.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Glad you are feeling a lot better and back to work. I read on Amy's blog that you had not been feeling well.

The supper planned sounds awesome!

steven.russell said...

Don't people realize that if you are going to take nudie pictures you should just get a digital camera so other people don't have to see what goes on behind your closed doors?!