Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sports News

Big Day today..... here we go.

Item One - The Atlanta Thrashers! We re-signed Garnett Exelby, "X" to the fans! He was out for about 6 weeks last season with mononucleosis, but he's feeling much better now!

Item Two - Atlanta Falcons - Michael "I wanna be a bigger criminal punk than my brother" Vick was indicted on two federal charges for the dog-fighting operation happening at his property in Virginia. In the past year he has flipped off the Atlanta fans with BOTH middle fingers, been held in the Miami airport for suspicion of drugs when they found a secret compartment in his water bottle that had a suspicious residue and smelled kinda funky. He claimed it was for securing his jewelry. He apparently has been spreading the herpes virus, and now these indictments. It is time to tell him his services are no longer needed. He is overated as a QB anyway as he really can't throw better than a college QB.

Item Three - Miami Dolphins/Atlanta Falcons - The Miami Dolphins today released QB Duante Culpepper from his contract (which he asked them to do a month ago). He is now a free agent and could do well if he would HIRE an agent instead of trying to represent himself. Best case scenario, if his knee is healed, is to bring him to Atlanta. The Falcons already hired his Miami backup Joey Harington during this off season.

Item Four - World Series of Poker - They started the final table of the main event today with nine players who have never been there before. The last previous WSOP main event winner to go out finished 11th this year, Scottie Nguyen.

Item Five - Bar Poker - Playing Sunday at Winston's the Cobb County, GA Sheriff's Department showed and arrested one of the regulars from the smoking room. Apparently he had been involved in a domestic episode Friday night or Saturday morning after getting drunk at the bar Friday night. In fleeing the police, he looked back as he was running and did not see the tree. He was taken to the hospital with lacerations to his face, a concussion, and a partially collapsed lung. Word is he was supposed to be there 2-3 days butgot up and left on his own while in custody. The following day he comes back to the bar and there they find him. When asked his name, he lied, so they checked a photo and made the arrest, adding a charge of lying about his identity. I got a great laugh from the non-smoking room when I asked if I could play his chips (as I was out of the tourney already). The funny part is my brother told me the story about Sunday last night as he heard it from a bartender who was not even there on Sunday, and now it's a "buddy" of the arrested guy asked the question. I got the pleasure of announcing it was ME. (and I'm no buddy of the guy).

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Sparky Duck said...

If anyone signs Culpepper it will be on the cheap, because I think he is shot. Go Joey, or DJ for that matter.

Michael is an idiot, though he can throw better then an average college QB, since most average college QB's throw like they are from Nebraska.