Friday, July 13, 2007


So the other day I was driving home from the post office and on the radio the host was mentioning the wackiness of a state representative here in Georgia who wants the public/government schools to teach that the Earth is the center of the universe and that the Sun and the moon revolve around the Earth on a daily basis. He states that this is a Biblical truth.

I wasn't impressed or concerned with the story, but I did start thinking about some of the scientific truths and what sense they do and don't make. Did you ever wonder about any of this? I'm talking about questions beyond why does God allow, no MAKE, things like earthquakes, hurricanes, and the tsunami a few years ago that killed over 100,000 people?

Why did He decide to place His creation on the third planet from the sun and why surround it with uninhabitable other planets? Everything we know of to live, eventually dies, animals, plants, insects... so why should it be different for humans to have an afterlife? Is faith something we created to give ourselves motivation from a psychiatric standpoint?

Here and now, as with over all time, we (mankind) are killing each other over our religious beliefs. In the time of the crusades we Christians killed other people and now Muslims are killing Christians and Jews in the name of their beliefs. What's the point?

It's been a rough couple of weeks since I was dismissed from my last job. I have not been able to bounce back and now motivation is slipping away. I am not taking my medications as prescribed. I am sleeping a lot more than I ever used to. Yesterday we went out and picked up about 8 applications for jobs and I have not filled out a single one.

So here's the biggest question I am working on. What's the point? Does God exist? If yes, how do you explain all the rest of it (other faiths, war, political discord, natural disasters, the organization of the universe0? It seems the more we know, the less likely any intelligent person would put their time, energy, and effort in a deity.


Barbara H. said...

Does God exist? Yes. Other faiths, war, discord, etc. are the culmination of sin having entered the world.Even natural disasters -- the Bible speaks of creation "groaning in travail." This isn't heaven -- a lot will be set right then and there.

You might enjoy some of Lee Strobel's books.

BeccaGirl said...

Great suggestion! Lee Strobel did alot of question asking, and found some good answers. A Case for Christ would be a good place to start.
You must remember, we are only human in a world created with divine intention. We cannot understand everything, sometimes you have to just have faith to believe it can be.
God is our only hope to get out of this life alive!

Bubba's Sis said...

First of all, I don't know what medicines you take but get back on them! I struggle with clinical depression myself and I know that I MUST take my medicine to function!

Faith is hard to maintain thru the hard times, but look at the example Job set for us. Of course there is a God - and He loves you and cares for you and has a plan for you and your life. You just have to trust Him right now. I KNOW it is hard. We live in a world filled with sin and horrible things, but God is always there, and He is there for you right now. I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the suggestions on Lee Stroebel. I went through a period of intense doubt - well - heck - actually about 30 years of my life - and when I began to really question - a good friend turned me on to Stroebel's books - I read both "A Case for Christ" and a "Case for Faith" - they were immensley helpful.

Faith when everything is hunky dorey is simple - it's having faith when things are rough that really tests the Christian's merits.

I will lift you up in prayer - don't doubt God or His existence or his actions. Satan wants you to do that.

amy said...

note to all who read this. MIchael does have a wife who loves him very much!

Steven M. Russell said...

you know. i am not so sure god doesn't enjoy the questions.

look at moses and the hwole burning bush episode. moses doesn't see the bush and go, "ooh. that shrubbery is on fire. hello god."

rather he spends the next couple of chapters asking god questions.

questioning god on things means you are talking with him. and i think he likes the discussion.

that being said, i encourage you to look at things. take a look around you. really stop and listen to the sounds outside. and look hard at the trees, the sky, the ants, the night sky.

a creator is the only thing that makes sense. this world is way too complicated to just happen. the evidence points to God.

have faith. we all walk through valleys. but without the valleys the view from the mountaintop wouldn't be so incredible.

Sparky Duck said...

Oh you know I am not going to go anywhere near this post with a 100 foot pole :)