Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Follow Up to the New Job

Yesterday was a slightly interesting one. I got my call from Walgreen's wanting me to confirm my acceptance of their offer and to have me come down to sign off on some paperwork and get the forms I needed to go take my drug test.

I left to find the place (which I did) and discovered they stopped taking samples about two weeks ago, so I called my hiring manager to find the other location.

On the way there I stopped at a blood mobile because I had planned to give blood since the Red Cross got off their butts and reinstated me as an authorized donor (I have O positive).

I had two difficulties there, first the Goodwill people hosting the bloodmobile wanted me to fill out some information-gathering form for them and their career center. I knew this was not necessary and brought it to the attention of the bloodmobile employees who had no idea they were trying to force people to give them personal information.

I made it onto the bloodmobile and got denied anyway because my iron level was too low. I guess it could be because of my using Alli (the new fat-burning OTC drug). I missed by one measurement, 38 was needed and I read 37.

So I went on down to the drug test, took it, and came home. I had about an hour to relax and change to head out to the mall for an interview there at Lids. Lids is a baseball cap store that sells about 90& ballcaps and the rest is other headwear and some accesories like cleaning supplies. I told them about the Walgreen's job and with my other experience, so I might have a good opportunity to add a second PT job on top of the Walgreen's job.

Amy went with me to the interview and she hung out in the mall while I was busy and we then went to see Knocked Up. Funny movie.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Congratulations on the job Michael!!!

Sparky Duck said...

I am sure that is one the most satisfying, um, urinations ever.