Saturday, July 07, 2007


Today was a shopping day, both mystery shopping and grocery shopping.

I started off to complete a mystery shop that Amy had received notice about. We applied for it and were awarded it, to get an Express Service Oil Change at a local Honda dealership. There was no pay for this shop, but we do get reimbursed for the cost of the service, so basically it's a free oil change. So that was an easy and generally pleasant experience, especially since Amy's Accord needed an oil change and it is the closest Honda dealership to our house!

After that I went over to Publix to shop for the week (or more) and so we have meals aplenty for the next X number of days. We'll be having (on different days)

Hamburgers/Hot Dogs/Brats on the grill
Beef roast (in the crock pot) with potatos, carrots, and mushrooms
Taco night (soft tacos with saffron rice and refried beans)
Roast Pork Loin (garlic lemon) with baked potatos.
Trivia night (we'll be out to Winston's)

Sometime mixed in there's some sushi, and soup, and when I remember to stop at the store and grab some bacon because I have REALLY been craving some BLT sandwiches.


Cyndi said...

I changed my comments and eprops words from tiaras and diamonds,to baseballs and bats. so you can feel manly when/IF you ever decide to leave me comments. :)

amy said...

Uhm, my husband rocks...

Sparky Duck said...

Still love the Publix