Monday, July 09, 2007

100 things about me #41-50

It's been over 8 months since I worked on this list, and I did not go back to double-check that I don't repeat any. I am just going to slug on through...

41. I am a VERY minimal drinker (regarding alcohol).

42. I don't care for wine, though I can handle sweet whites and blushes. White Zinfidel and Penot Grigio are preferred.

43. I wish I liked wine more because I see movies where a couple is strolling down a street at night in a beautiful European town and the guy is carrying a bottle they are working on drinking.

44. I am not a big fan of beer. I guess I mostly drink Corona, but that has been a long time since I hung out with the Parrotheads. I can slug down cheap domestic draft, but only do so if I get one for free by getting a 4-of-a-kind while playing cards at bars.

45. One of my two favored drinks is coconut rum with pineapple juice. Parrot Bay by Capt. Morgan is the preferred rum, but Malibu will do.

46. My brother's frined and bartender Matt introduced me to the Irish Car Bomb. This is a fun and impressive drink to do in public because it involves chugging but it goes down easy. The Irish Carbomb is about 2/3 a pint of Guiness and a shot that is half Jamerson's and half Bailey's. You drop the shot into the pint glass and chug them both together.

47. I was the second or third most sober person at my "bachelor" party which was jst the guys going bar-hopping after the rehearsal dinner for my wedding.

48. I have only ever been tipsy once that I remember. I had been invited to the house next-door where the college kids were having a party. I took over a bottle of tequilla I had (it was Margaritaville brand) and offered shots to the other guests. They had just sent out for more beer so they appreciated it. I took swigs from the bottle knowing I just had to walk back over to my house. When I did, I made it to the bed and when I laid down I was firmly centered on the baed but I felt like I was going to fall off. It was kinda weird and kinda cool.

49. I worked for a Racetrac gas station for about 2 months once, back in 2000. Working the overnight shift I mainly sold beer, gas, and cigarettes. It was the least-satisfying work I ever did.

50. In 2002 I went to the opening game of the Atlanta Braves season (it was agianst Philadelphia) with my brother and some friends of his. He has a friend named Kelly who drinks a lot more than she should. She was with us and I remember we basically rolled her out of the stadium when we left.


Cyndi said...

# 49. I was a telemarkerter for a week, now that is a unsatisfying job unless you liked to get cussed out.

Bubba's Sis said...

I can't drink real fruity drinks anymore because of a bad experience with peach wine coolers. I shudder when I think about it.

EHT said...

Having babies kind of ruined my partying days. It's kind of hard to diaper a baby with a buzz, you know? However, I don't really miss it either.

I do enjoy a great mixed drink every now and then and there's nothing like a glass of wine and a grilled steak...our usual Friday night fare. Merlot is my favorite red wine.