Friday, July 13, 2007

An amazing hand of poker

After eating some dinner and taking some insulin and some ibuprofen late this afternoon, I was feeling a bit better physically. I'd been tired and headachey all day and couple that with depression it's a rough day.

I went to Winston's where there are people who are friendly to me to play some cards. I dd okay, as they had a HUGE turnout, the start time is 8pm and at 8:45 there were still people waiting for seats to come open to start playing.

Here's the amazing hand.

I was the dealer. I shuffled and offered the deck to the player to my right to cut the deck (select a spot usually midpoint, take the top off the stack and put the bottom stack on top). He declined and I started to deal...

I dealt myself a pair of sevens. The lady to my left had a pair of tens, and a player across the table had an ace and a seven.

The flop (first three community cards) came out ace, ace, ace. Yes, the lady and I each flopped a full house and the other guy flopped a 4 of a kind aces!

She bet 1000 chips and we both called. The 4th card was a five. She bet 1000 and we both called again.

The 5th cand final card was another 5. There was a full house on the board. I had a better full house than the board, she had a better full house than me, and Jimmy had an unbeatable hand.

She checked, Jimmy bet 3500 and we both called.

Bottom line. Jimmy won a great hand with a good-sized pot and if the guy to my right had cut the deck, NONE OF IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!


Brody Harper said...

I would have lost

amy said...
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Bubba's Sis said...

Glad you got out and had some fun! Hang in there! Things are gonna get better!