Monday, July 23, 2007


So I started my new job today. It's nice to have the responsibility of being employed, but it could have been a bit more exciting. I spent the better part of six hours watching training videos and taking certification tests all in the customer service arena. I still have about the same amount to watch for the photo lab. I think I'll be at this store another 2-3 days and then they'll have me work at one with the Noritsu machine instead of Fuji.

Speaking of machines, I talked to my brother Peter a bit when he got home tonight. When he arrived he ascertained that he indeed had NOT seen me at Winston's tonight. I was not feeling well when I got home so I crashed for an hour from 6-7 and then got up looking for food.

He works for Ingenico, a company that makes credit card swipe terminals for retailers. You've used their equipment if you've been to Walmart, Sam's Club, or Home Depot and he told me they just got the Walgreen's account back from Verifone. That means 5 or more terminals for each of over 5000 stores. Nice order. Walgreen's had 5080 stores a year and a half ago and more since then. Also, they had annual sales in 2005 of over 60 billion dollars.

Peter drives past my old Chick-fil-a on his way to work and he informed me that they are now closed for the remodel. This was due back near March. Also, the McDonald's across the street from it finally closed for it's remodel (which also was due back in the spring) except theirs is a complete tear it down and rebuild it from scratch job.

So this Mike has a job, and it looks like Mike Vick may not, as the commissioner of the NFL today told him not to report to training camp. Time to call Duante Culpepper!


Melanie said...

Congrats on the new job! Hope you are feeling better!

tiggerprr said...

Congratulations on your new job! :)

I hope that Michael Vick never works again! ::shines her pitchfork and lights her torch::