Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My very aware wife

The other day we were hanging out and watching TV. I guess I was channel surfing (imagine that) and she noted that there are certain movies that no matter how many times I have seen them, and no matter whether or not we own them on DVD, I will always stop and watch them if they are on a regular (broadcast or cable) channel.

So here's a partial list as I immediately think of them.......

Never Been Kissed
10 Things I Hate About You
The Blues Brothers
The Princess Bride
Fever Pitch (this one grew on me)
any Die Hard movie
Animal House
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Notting Hill
any Star Wars movie
any John Cusack movie
The Italian Job
Gone in 60 Seconds
National Treasure


Sparky Duck said...

well Diehard, Blues Brothers and Animal House are man necessities. Its like a law. Any Star Wars or Cusack is a man law if you were born at a certain age. I think I just missed the cutoff. Notting Hill is one of my top 10.

i dont get Harold and Kumar

Shoshana said...

I love most of those movies, except for the ones I haven't seen...I'd queu them on Netflix.

I haven't seen PCU and Fever Pitch.

Have you seen Joyluck Club and Last of the Mohicans? Those two are great!

Cyndi said...

i was with you until fever pitch. i will watch ever after , sandlot , dazed and confused,steel magnolias and lose a guy in 10days,princess bride, and any star wars,die hard,or leathal weapon,rocky movies.

Krajcimama said...

Catching up on blog reading (and yours is one I read ~ even if I don't comment a whole lot) and wanted to say a few things. First, congrats on the race! I don't think I could ever do that - I admire you greatly for being able to finish! Great job!

Second, I LOVE a lot of those movies. Especially Eurotrip. It's such a stupid movie - but I can't turn it off if it's on either...Kinda like Harold and Kumar...oh, and National Treasure!! Great movie. LOVE it! I thought it was way better than the DaVinci Code, which I loved the book...not so much the movie.

Thanks for sharing your list.