Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday Night Trivia

Met with the Bambinos and formed our new team, Bambinbos Need a Refill. We had a good run, leading the entire way in a three way tie at one point. We pulled ahead in the late second round and never looked back. $40 house cash for next week. 100 tournament points for week one of the twevle week program to the invitational. Some of the questions.

Military Operations - What country was involved in the US military op titled "Eagle Claw?" (given hint, 1980)

Name the six smallest (by area) independent states in Europe. (We got 3 correct and one wrong, netting 8 points in this, the final bonus).

What author penned the 1981 memoir, "Heart of a woman?"

What two properties/spaces border Park Place on a standard Monopoly board?

What two films did Steven Spielberg win Oscars for Best Director?

UPDATE : Thursday Night - the answers...

Military OPerations - Iran - this was the failed attempt to rescue the American hostages.

Euro Geography - Lichtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, The Vatican (Vatrican City), Monaco, and Andora.

Authors - Maya Angelou

Monopoly - Luxury Tax, and Chance

Directors - Schindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan


gail said...

These are hard for me!
1. no clue, I'll guess Iraq
2 & 3 no clue
4. How about Boardwalk and Short Line
5. Maybe ET and Schindlers List?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

These are harder Michael! On a side note, where do you guys play?

Military op, was that the time of the Falklands War? Maybe Great Britain?

Smallest European states - Monaco, Lichtenstein (sp?), Vatican City. I am drawing a blank on anything else!

No idea on that memoir, someone famous like Lauren Bacall?

I'd have to cheat and look at a Monopoly board.

Spielberg - Schindler and Saving Private Ryan