Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good God, Why?!?!

So I noticed an article on the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution website mentioning the Atlanta Falcons will play the Indianapolis Colts on Thanksgiving night. So the curiousity hit, football...... I wonder about the UCF schedule this year. A quick check at www.ucf.edu and I found it.

UCF is proud that this Fall we aill open our on-campus stadium. For the life of UCF, we have played our home football games at the Citrus Bowl in downtown Orlando, which is about 20 miles from the campus. So, we are happy as this will make it a lot more likely for people, especially students, to come out for games. (of course, being on campus there will not be beer sold in the stadium as there was at the municipality-owned Citrus Bowl).

So regarding this year's schedule. We are opening on the road against a decent ACC team.

Our off-week is the SECOND WEEK OF THE SEASON!

Our home-opener, which will be NATIONALLY TELEVISED, is against TEXAS!

Why God? Why?
(the rest of the schedule follows, my guess is something like a 4-8 season)

2007-2008 SCHEDULE

Date Opponent / Event
09/01/07 at North Carolina State
09/15/07 vs. Texas TV
09/22/07 vs. Memphis *
09/29/07 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
10/06/07 at East Carolina *
10/13/07 at USF
10/20/07 vs. Tulsa *
10/28/07 at Southern Miss * TV
11/03/07 vs. Marshall *
11/10/07 at UAB *
11/17/07 at SMU *
11/24/07 vs. UTEP *


Sparky Duck said...

yea off the top of my head I am seeing 4-8, 5-7. But lets remember NCSt aint that good anymore.

but Texas was a mistake

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

OOH, our team plays your team in late October, on TV! I can't wait, we love and adore and live for football. We're big Conference USA fans, and Southern Miss is our alma mater. They have a funky schedule too. Some Thursday games, even a Sunday game last year. I haven't checked for the schedule for this fall. They will do anything for a TV slot or an away game at a big school for more $$ for the program.


Mike Thomas said...

Is your school you're roting for the University of Central Florida? If so, an old high school buddy pitched for their ball team while he was there.

Karen said...

Well, while Texas will be a tough home opener, at least it will bring big bucks to the school!

I am a HUGE Gator fan...hopefully we can win the championship:-)

Mike Thomas said...

This is off topic, but in reply to your post on Brannigans Law. I love Chick-fil-a. I visited South Carolina, and went to one there. In my mind the cows are one of the funniest marketing tools out there. I'm honored to e-converse with one. Good luck with the store...

Amy said...


I am thankful and proud that the Colts won the Super Bowl!