Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Mid-day

It's about 2pm and I am refreshed after a shower. I spent about an hour this afternoon bonding with David, my next door neighbor as we worked together to cut up a tree that fell between our houses yesterday. I should have taken pics, before, during, after, but oh well. It was a 45-50ft tall red oak, about 15 inches in diamete at the base and the wind just blew it over right between the houses yesterday while I was home sick and Dave was at work.

We used my boss' chainsaw and cut it into segments about 4-6 feet long to get them off the hill and down to the driveway, flipping them end over end like caber toss poles. We'll cut them down more so Dave can chop them for firewood later becasuse the chain has dulled from this task.

So shower done, going to run some errands with Amy, Sam's Club and a fabric store and Chick-fil-a for more tea for today and tomorrow. Perhaps we'll watch Gone With The Wind, which I got on DVD yesterday.


jdoriot said...

Wow...we had a tree fall between our house and the neighbor's a couple of years ago. This tree fell uphill...which was so neat because my middle one was using the bathroom and if it had fallen downhill, it would have fallen in on him! We used this as an example of how God is cool and protects us! lol!! Glad you got to bond with your neighbor! Maybe next time you all could just plan a!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Glad you guys are getting that tree taken care of, but what a royal pain. Sounds like a lot of work for a guy with strep throat :) Take care and feel better.

I love Sam's and go often, but boyohboy is ours a madhouse on a Saturday. You're braver than I.

You just answered a question I posted on Amy's about the sweet tea - that's cool that you guys actually go there to buy their tea! Had to go yesterday, because they're closed today. Good for them :)